2022: golden year for NFT games?


NFT is here since 2013. This phenomenon continues to grow and gain popularity as new ways of using this technology are found. Once a well-defined niche, NFTs have grown so much that many businesses are focusing on them primarily in terms of marketing.

In recent years, another way of using NFTs has emerged: games. This technology, which allows you to determine the authenticity of the owner 100%, much more than collectibles, is now found in video games of this type. Play to earn money (P2E).

Evolution of NFTs

NFTs have come a long way in the years of their existence. Although it cannot be denied that this technology has significant systemic potential to confirm this the authenticity of the product and its owner, The cryptocurrency industry has gone much further.

In fact, NFTs are simple at first. collection images. They can be resold for the most popular at prices in excess of millions of dollars. There are many different collections, as well as different platforms for buying or selling, such as OpenSea.

So it has been in recent years new games I’ve seen a genre with the ability to get heroes, equipment to upgrade them in the form of NFTs, or even buy virtual lands, which are none other than NFTs. This original and popular method has spawned a new genre of games: “Play to earn”.

With these you can Earn money by playing. In fact, in general, participating in this type of game allows you to win game cryptocurrency tokens, which are then used to buy NFTs associated with this P2E. You can then resell the NFT to get more tokens, which in turn can be converted into any cryptocurrency.

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2022: the golden year of NFT Games?

It’s hard to say if 2022 will be the golden year of NFT because The environment is changing rapidly. One thing is certain, this phenomenon continues to grow, affecting more standard games as well as major video game studios. So, Ubisoft recently tried to embark on this adventure through their Tom Clancy game. Even if it was a failure, attempts are likely to multiply in the next few years.

For example, Epic Games is far from the only company that has stated that they positively value NFT games on their platform. Therefore, although there is one general uncertainty about the phenomenon and its potential in video games is of growing interest from the oldest studios and players of the video game industry.

NFT games much more than mobile games, developed on engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine, they offer an improved gaming experience. In 2021 this phenomenon exploded with several games, including Axie Infinity. The in-game cryptocurrency even crossed the $ 100 mark for a while. The enthusiasm of the community has exploded positively.

However, after several problems, including a hack last March that cost him $ 625 million For the company, the game has lost its luster. We also need to take into account the bear market which has lowered the value of cryptocurrencies and thus indirectly affected NFT games.

Battle for Infinity 2022

However, NFT games are becoming more and more popular and the community in particular knows what to say about the expectations they have for this type of games. This is for example the case of Battle Infinity designed by Indian team and it could be the game of the year.

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Really fantasy league based on Unreal Engine where the player aims to assemble a team and face opponents to climb the leaderboard. Everything is in NFT form, be it heroes to build your team, equipment to level them up, and more.

If we still don’t know much about this game in development, which could see the light by the end of the year, the community has more than reacted. He raised $ 600,000 in 10 days Presale of the IBAT token, the cryptocurrency of this game.

Wow, what a goal! 🎉

🎙We are very happy to announce that we have achieved our first goal and sold over 2300 BNB tokens.

❤️ This proves that investors believe in us and in the mission of Battle Infinity. We would like to express our gratitude to each user.

Heartfelt congratulations! pic.twitter.com/9eRbpI3Cd4

– IBAT – Battle Infinity (@IBATOFFICIAL) July 20, 2022

There are a few less 80 days of presale for the Battle of Infinity. The game is constantly trending and widely discussed these days, leading some experts to consider it a top-notch replacement for Axie Infinity.

Probable NFT games however the future of video games. It’s still pretty closed and the video game industry isn’t completely open to the idea, at least not in this form. This is especially true of Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, who have announced that their game will have no NFT, at least for now.

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