+ 250% for LBLOCK V2 since its release on LBANK!


lucky block respond positively in the past few days to the changes made by the developers in the last few weeks, with a jump of + 250% since it appeared on LBLANK. It must be said that the transition from the Binance blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain greatly facilitates transactions. Therefore, this is a godsend for all traders.

Finally, LBLOCK V2 ended up with the high transaction fee of 12%, although LBLOCK V1 continues to coexist and build the bridge over the next few weeks. Furthermore, the trading volume of LBLOCK has increased 62% in the last 24 hours.

LBLOCK V2 paves the way for trading

Thanks to the arrival of the LBLOCK V2 cryptocurrency on Ethereum blockchain The exchange is simplified. In fact, this further opens up the Lucky Block ecosystem, which was previously focused solely on DeFi platforms and can now use centralized exchanges.

It turns out that LBLOCK V2 doesn’t suffer as much from taxes as its V1 version. For example, LBLOCK V1 has a 12% transaction fee on DeFi platforms while LBank does not more than 6%.

Scott Ryder, CEO of Lucky Block, said:

We are very excited about the first success of our V2 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The ability to make the project available on more centralized platforms will make it more accessible to investors. We are confident that Lucky Block will become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of all existing ones.


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

Available from today on MEXC

The appearance of LBLOCK on LBank marks the first step forward the developer’s will to make their corner available on multiple platforms. From today Lucky Block is also available on MEXC, further strengthening the goal of making Lucky Block more accessible to investors.

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– MEXC Global (@MEXC_Global) July 30, 2022

MEX is 18th largest stock exchange of the world in the cryptocurrency sector in terms of trading volume. There are also rumors that other exchanges want to integrate Lucky Block into their already offered cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, Lucky Block’s offering will increase on more centralized exchanges. strength of the bull to maintain its position and thereby potentially increase the value of that token for several weeks.

Next bridge between LBLOCK V1 and V2

All LBLOCK V1 investors are looking forward to switching from LBLOCK V1 to LBLOCK V2. In fact, the price of LBLOCK V2 has increased significantly compared to LBLOCK V1, so the purpose of the bridge is to narrow this gap.

It must be said that the bridges have become important concept especially in the field of cryptocurrencies, where there are different versions that run on different blockchains. Thanks to the bridge, Lucky Block ERC20 and BEP20 tokens can be exchanged transparently.

The bridge is currently under construction and accounting firm called Certik, approved by Binance, is currently undergoing various tests to ensure that it meets all security standards and poses no risk to users. Although these bridges have become a standard in the cryptocurrency industry, they are relatively fragile and often breached, the most famous of which is arguably the Ronin Bridge, which cost Axie Infinity $ 650 million.

NFT competition platform coming soon

If the cost of LBLOCK has increased in the past few days, it is certainly because of LBLOCK V2, and also because the Lucky Block project is getting better and better and powerful new features are being developed. Beyond what is now possible Vote for charity During the giveaways, the Lucky Block community looks forward to the competitive NFT platform.

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So this platform will make it possible participate in NFT competitions where many prizes are up for grabs when buying NFTs from a specific collection. In terms of prizes, among the many prizes you can win, for example, one million dollars in Bitcoin, a house, VIP seats for the World Cup, NFT from the BAYC collection.

For, support the project Price speculation is one way to invest in Lucky Block, but it will soon be possible to participate through the NFT competitive platform as well, indicating that the Lucky Block team intends to expand the LBLOCK ecosystem.

Current and future prices

After the appearance of LBLOCK on LBank and then on MECX, the cryptocurrency has clearly made a qualitative leap. Therefore, the value of LBLOCK initially rose to $ 0.0020 today, but has stabilized around $ 0.017 in the past few hours. It still represents 25% increase. in the last 24 hours.

Thus, while symbolic taxes can be good in the short term Encouraging investors to keep their wealth discourages long-term traders and limits options for cryptocurrencies.

Hence the lucky block has two versions, This allows it to further develop its ecosystem and meet the needs of investors, on the one hand, and short-term traders, on the other.

The happy block is coming Ethereum blockchain at a crucial moment, as it will receive a long-awaited update: The Merge. This could change the course of many projects on its blockchain.

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