3 cryptocurrencies that could appear on Binance in 2022


Ads on Binance are always an incentive for a crypto project. Having a token on King’s Exchange allows you to gain significant publicity and attract many investors. Focus on 3 crypto projects that can be listed on Binance by the end of the year.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is a relatively newcomerCryptographic Game Universe. This game is for earning a project retro aesthetic inspired the famous Tamagotchi. It is about feeding, nurturing and developing an adorable little creature that will take the form of an NFT. In the heart of the Tamadoge ecosystem we find native token of the project, TAMA. The latter is now in presale on the official website of the project.

The maximum number of tokens will be 2 billion TAMA. 50% or 1 billion tokens will be in circulation during the presale. Please note that out of 100 tokens spent in the Tamadoge store, 5% is incinerated. One way to reduce the offer is bear the pressure of the buyer.

The Tamadoge project is compliant memmonetlike Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. This sector particularly popular with cryptocurrency investors. With this in mind, many of these tokens have been honored to be listed on major exchanges, including Binance. Among the latter we find in particular Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. If successful, Tamadoge could become thisand next to the use of boost What is a directory on Binance?

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Lucky block (LBLOCK)

The LuckyBlock platform aims to compete with traditional gaming solutions. Lucky Block offers a fully decentralized blockchain-based product for this. Thanks to this technology, the project allows answer specific questions current online drawings. In fact, this joke system is more than fair transparent, honest and profitable for the winners.

Lucky Block was one of the fastest growing crypto projects market capitalization of one billion dollars, Proof of investor interest in this project. The first draws on Binance Smart Chain have already taken place and are held regularly, which allows winners to receive attractive amounts.

This project, which combines games and blockchain, can convince many investors and therefore can be listed on the stock exchange of giants. Over 50,000 people already own LBLOCK, only native token and listing on Binance Promote the adoption of this innovative system Paint.

Infinite Battle (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is an ambitious cryptographic project focused on Games and the Metaverse. This Indian project aims to combine the best of both worlds to offer players around the world a unique and immersive experience. One of the strengths of the project is many functions Battle Infinity and many options within its ecosystem.

IBAT Premier League is a rating system for those who wish to participate in the game and is used to rank players. The IBAT Combat Exchange is decentralized exchange, allowing you to quickly convert your IBAT earnings into the currency of your choice. At his side IBAT fights the market it is an NFT market where you can also update your NFTs. Finally, thisIBAT combat pole allows users to deposit their tokens and lock them to work and earn rewards interests in the IBAT.

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Metaverse projects are currently as popular as the gaming industry, which is attracting more and more investors. Infinity Battle too. Use this result to get listed on Binance. However, this project has many arguments in its favor!

Each of these three promising projects has strengths and positioning that can attract the attention of Binance and therefore of its millions of users. The future will show us if they can slip into lucky cryptocurrencies and become available on the cryptocurrency exchange leader.

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