3 Promising cryptocurrency presales this week


Invest in cryptocurrency presales it can be a great way to make a significant profit. However, you need to be well informed to be sure you are investing in good and serious projects. Most of the new crypto projects are still in beta testing and looking for funding to make their idea come true.

If you want to be successful with this type of investment, you have to take this into account. more options to limit the risks. We have selected the most promising tokens for 2022 according to our analysis.

1. Battle Infinity: Cryptocurrency presale star

Battle Infinity is an Indian project. which is of great interest to the community. It takes fantasy sports as its theme and gives it a whole new dimension with a vast and explorable universe.

This gives you the opportunity to do it. Collect NFT cards and play with them in the arenas. Live player based NFT cards themselves will see their value fluctuate based on player performance in the real world.

A concept that has already paid off, for example, in the Sorare or Axie Infinity games.

The presale project raised $ 1 million in two weeks

For Ridiculous price of $ 0.0015 for an IBAT token, Battle Infinity is popular with buyers. I must say that it is very similar to Axie Infinity, which after its release has already multiplied the value of its token by 130.

Battle Infinity fixes Axie’s bugs very interesting changes. Everything was done to convince investors of a potential race to the bottom. To protect transactions, there is a KYC system managed by Coinsniper. Additionally, exchange-based reward dynamics protect small investors.

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The concept, the safety measures and the quality of the team made it possible Raise $ 1 million in a few weeks. The presale is valid for 90 days with a fixed amount of BNB 16,500. Over 4000 BNB have already been spent on this project and the trend is not slowing down.

It is very easy to buy IBAT tokens. All you need to do is connect a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet. Then go to the official Battle Infinity page to purchase the tokens.

2. Tamadoge, a Tamagotchi-style NFT game

Tamadoge uses the Tamagotchi concept and constantly plays with the retro look in its design. The principle is based on Collection of NFTs that you can use to fight at stake.

You can develop in Tamaverse, an ecosystem designed to have fun in complete freedom. in The game works like a money making game, This means that your winnings are rewarded with real chips.

I’m sure you already understand that the Tamadoge NFTs you collect can be traded with players from all over the world.

Tamadoge seduces with its simple and efficient business model

In addition to the well-founded concept, the TAMA (Tamadoge Token) economic system is of particular interest. It relies on the deflationary principle to create value for its cryptocurrency.

In reality, The number of TAMAs ​​is limited to 2 million tokens.. In addition, there is a total transaction fee of 5% for each exchange. 30% of the amount goes to the marketing budget of the project. As a result, only 65% ​​of the token value is redistributed to players.

At first glance, this system can be considered restrictive. However, this allows the currency to be highly diluted as the actors exchange resources. It has an effectincrease the value of the token in the long run !

To invest in this project, all you have to do is use your MetaMask or TrustWallet and purchase something on their presale page!

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3. EstateX, a real estate cryptographic project

EstateX is a crypto project based on the real estate niche. It attracted many curious followers, the official Twitter account has almost 5800 followers! The ESX token aims to democratize real estate investments for as many people as possible.

With its system can be invested in parts of buildings, houses, etc. Products become available to everyone, anywhere in the world! So, with only one hundred euros in your portfolio, you can already qualify for investments in this sector.

The main goal of this cryptocurrency is to enable the maximum small families to create passive income. The real estate sector is considered an excellent investment. But it is intended for the elite, who can invest a lot of initial capital in the project.

SummerX bullish forecast for the token

It looks like EstateX on the way to increase the value for the next few days. According to some estimates, the European tokenized real estate market could reach € 1.5 trillion in 2024.

All exchanges must be transparent and secure. Also, investors can trade your real estate stocks 24 hours a day on the market DiscountX!

For invest in this token, you must first subscribe to the whitelist. Here is a link to the official page to try to invest in the project as soon as possible.

You now have every chance to make a good investment in cryptocurrency presale in 2022. If you want to know more about buying cryptocurrencies, visit our detailed Cryptonaut page!

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