48 hours in the heart of the Metaverse Paris Summit


The Metaverse Summit, co-hosted by The Sandbox, concluded 48 hours later with all of the Web3 players coming together to co-create the Metaverse of the Future. The weekend was filled with discussions on many aspects of the metaverse, NFT and the future of this industry in France, Europe and around the world. Overview of the key events of the Metaverse Summit.

Captivating main stage

A glance at the stage manager’s program was enough to understand that this event promises to be particularly interesting. Everything has been discussed; Discussions among experts on the definition of the metaverse, what kind of metaverse we want to build for a more decentralized future, in compliance with the rules on safety for young users, metanomics, etc.

This summit shed light on all sectors so that we can find artists, developers, bankers, regulators, politicians and visionaries.

With a co-host like The Sandbox, it was also normal that during the award-winning keynote “Empowering Brands and Game Publishers in the Metaverse” there was a lot of discussion about the future of Play-to-Earn, GameFi and the relationship between the Metaverse companies taking place. and developers.

During the last panel, we were also able to get an overview of the situation in terms of regulation and compliance in France, in particular with former parliamentarian Pierre Person, author of the latest report on the new era of cryptocurrencies. As well as the excellent Nuredin Azzouq-yagubi, who is working on specific and direct solutions to create rules to support and help Web3, not to limit it.

Source: Metaverse Summit, Twitter.

Trainee expert specialized in specific issues

It was also possible to attend numerous discussions and lectures dedicated to the trainee expert. In these new worlds that fascinate and attract, we have seen a particularly interesting focus in the work of restored architects or natives of the metaverse.

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A special mention to Metaverse Cities, more than just a discussion on digital twins, where we could witness real exchanges between architects working on the future of digital worlds and how the needs of traditional clients are evolving with respect to these issues.

try to understand

But it is only when we communicate with startups and during workshops that we truly understand where the Metaverse will take us.

Of course, at the center of these workshops, we might find various booths from The Sandbox and partner companies, an opportunity to see how far we can go with The Sandbox’s performance and various specific applications for users, businesses, games and others.

In addition to these booths, we were impressed with the work of Learnoververse, which is trying to be the first open learning metaverse, with a rewards system for students, content creators and NFT certificate creation. Their project shows that it will soon be possible to relive the campus experience in a hyper-interactive and connected metaverse, learning skills useful for the world of tomorrow and for new Web3 jobs.

Another stand simply amazed us, Sensik is a company that develops a multisensor cockpit connected to a virtual helmet. In addition to providing interesting and beautiful experiences for people, the company actively collaborates with hospitals, universities and health systems to help fight addiction and injuries.

In fact, with their technology, you can relive the experience and face it safely to solve your addiction problems over time and at a fraction of the cost.

These companies are proving that the Metaverse is indeed a complex, exciting and innovative universe, both for the education system and for helping patients with treatment. The Metaverse and Web3 provide unique solutions to problems that our current system cannot solve.

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Source: Metaverse Summit, Twitter.

Networking and after parties that put Paris in the spotlight

But these events are also an opportunity for many Web3 players to meet face to face, discuss and share ideas about the future of the metaverse.

To that end, many networking options were planned at the Metaverse Summit and even an afterparty workshop at the Workshop of Light to create a sense of an inner Metaverse where guests could travel through time and space, reliving the beauties and exploits. of many French artists and scientists. .

Undoubtedly, this magnificent environment, as well as the various networking moments during the 48 hours of the Metaverse Summit, helped to encourage new encounters, partnerships, exchanges and, more generally, to go even further towards the Metaverse that we all are. we want a fairer web3.

The Metaverse Summit, the first Web3 conference founded by a woman, was a real success on all fronts; first-rate speakers for helpful discussions, constructive presentations and debates, innovative and interesting stands and an organization ready to rise to the challenge. We can’t wait to see how these important and most exciting encounters unfold.

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