5 reasons why Battle Infinity (IBAT) could explode


Play, win items, skins, multiplayer battles and championships where the pursuit of excellence is everyone’s obsession. This is what inspires Battle Infinity. It is much more than a game, it combines cryptocurrency, games and blockchain.

It is based on a transparent “play to earn” system. crypto game that’s on the rise and it could explode. Whether it’s the advantages of him or the innovation he brings to Battle Infinity, there are several advantages, all of which can put him first.

Way to make money

Yup ! Battle Infinity allows you to earn money while playing. This is the main meaning of the “play to gain” system on which this game is based, which combines blockchain and gaming. Various game options allow you to win items, skins and other items that can be exchanged for IBAT (Battle Infinity Token).

When you start playing Battle Infinity you get NFT avatar and it is unique. You can customize it as you like with weapons, accessories, etc. All these accessories are interchangeable among the players in the Battle Market section.

So it will be possibleGet rare in-game items or skins during battle games. or the IBAT Premier League. So there is room for speculation. Ultra rare skins or items will skyrocket in price and break records. Battle Infinity immerses players in the multiverse of the metaverse.

Games can be a great way to earn rooms with Metaverse virtual worlds. I think it’s time for you to get that IBAT COLLECTED 1 MILLION DOLLARS @ ibatofficial pic.twitter.com/vrCsHAsqY5

– Nitesh Devpal (@DevpalNitesh) July 25, 2022

The main innovation of Battle Infinity is the successful integration of cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT and Metaverse into the gaming universe. While he’s not the first to attempt this, he still offers unique features that make him such a leader.

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Create a virtual universe in which players can play. Explore the game metaverse play and open new horizons. Battle Infinity has successfully integrated into the Metaverse, and the various options it envisions could make it through pioneer of immersive gaming Integration of the metaverse in games.

One of the goals that Battle Infinity promoters have is to go beyond platforms like Sandbox or even Decentraland.

In an interview JAGJIT JENA Co-founder of Battle Infinity She said:

Battle Infinity is the name of our project and IBAT is the symbol of our token. In this project, everyone can play and earn money with other people around the world, which is integrated with our metaverse world of Battle Arena, which will be easy to use and can be used by everyone. We are also introducing a unique NFT-based blockchain sports fantasy game where you can fight everyone and win money.

Safety and transparency of the mechanisms

One of the advantages of Battle Infinity is transparency. This convinced many investors who took part in the early sale. It should be noted that it has already done so. exceeded the 3000 BNB mark.

The blockchain processes on which Battle Infinity is based are safe. One of the benchmarks in terms of compliance and risk assessment CoinSniper also confirmed transparency and the absence of fraud. o the possibility of fraud at the IBAT level.

This quickly increased IBAT presales, which were completed within days. it has already reached one million dollars. This is also due to the endless possibilities offered by gaming cryptocurrencies.

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“Battle Infinity is the most promising microcoin of 2022” 💪🏼https: //t.co/qVdl7TwlCi pic.twitter.com/iiIyZxOeGf

– IBAT – Battle Infinity (@IBATOFFICIAL) July 25, 2022

Fast growing market

The gaming industry is booming, as are fantasy and science fiction games. Several manga and manhwa have already mapped out the path, interpreting universes in which the metaverse is a reality. In these scenarios, the games integrate Play to Earn and the Metaverse is even more present.

What seemed like a dream a few years ago is now a reality.

This is another reason why the gaming community and cryptocurrencies can become one. A single community that unites both players and lovers of cryptocurrencies. Investors count on it.Purchase of IBAT.

Significant growth opportunity Gaming Blockchain Market, which allows some studies to estimate the annual growth of this sector of more than 13%. Estimated growth of the overall gaming blockchain market over $ 45 billion by 2027.

Stormy start

The above reasons led to the unprecedented launch of IBAT and Battle Infinity. The launch country also had a significant impact on this token’s debut. India is one of the countries with the best programmers and developers. Taking all these factors into account, it is easy to understand The IBAT token exceeds the soft cap of 4,000 BNB.

Battle Infinity with IBAT token is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch and not to miss. The crypto community sees it as the new Eldorado of cryptography.

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