Analysis as of 25 July 2022


The polygon (matic) marks an increase In the past few days, it has hit headlines that haven’t been seen for a long time. In such a complicated market environment with many cryptocurrencies, how does the Polygon token perform at much shallower depths than your Ath?

Despite the haste of the past few hours, the ecosystem’s native token has not had the ability to get and overcome Dollar milestones achieved. Can Matic try to exceed the $ 1 per unit price target? What have been the latest cryptocurrency trends? How does the asset position itself in the complex cryptocurrency segment?

Questions that we will examine in detail in the following paragraphs, not without reminding you how Polygon (Matic) it is currently listed on many brokers and professional stock exchanges, but above all fully regulated in our territory (also in the European Union).

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Polygon (matic) marks a rise: short-term token changes

Reconnecting to Polygon (Matic) that marks a climbYou can start from scratch and set up a weekly chart that focuses on major asset changes. On July 19, 2022, the value of the cryptocurrency even had a chance to peak above $ 0.95.

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Quota, which was immediately replaced by a Fixed in hourswhich reached $ 0.80 from Matic on July 21, 2022. A rally around $ 0.925 had given way to a lot of volatility on the chart with a medium downtrend.

On July 23 the physical value It was in fact around $ 0.82. The surge in confidence in the early hours of July 25, 2022 led to a timid rally to $ 0.89, which was replaced by a slight decline. At the time of writing, Polygon is priced at $ 0.83 (according to major global exchanges).

It shows us the most important Information pages on the cryptocurrency industry, a positive change of about 10.5% after 7 days, but a negative decrease of about -5.1% in 24 hours. The cryptocurrency occupies the 14th position in the overall ranking by market capitalization.

In any case, we remember how Polygon (the mother ecosystem of Matic) represents one of the most important projects in the crypto and blockchain space to date. It recently featured major new updates and several ongoing projects. We also remember completeness Data updated at the time of this print:

  • market capitalization of $ 6,668,246,398;
  • 24-hour trading volume of USD 6,668,246,398;
  • Market capitalization dominance of 0.63%.

Final remarks

You can stay constantly updated even in complete autonomy Polygon value and trend (matic) Using real-time charts from the best online brokers. They provide a lot of additional information, including trading volume and percentage of buyers and sellers.

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