Analysis as of July 27, 2022


We present a targeted study Ethereum inflows are on the risein a very unstable market environment, still marked by the severe collapse experienced by most large-cap cryptocurrencies in recent weeks.

Specifically, institutional investors had begun to show a very negative mood on the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world. Trends in cryptocurrencies, which had certainly attracted attention, were not progressing as many experts expected.

In this regard, the ETH token it had immediately started to register strong exits, or large market losses that had not been seen for some time. However, with the timid upside of the past few days and more bullish sentiment, Ethereum has begun to see its new initial inflows.

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Ethereum inflows are on the rise, recorded for several days in a row

Returning to what was said previously, it should be noted that in recent weeks the Ethereum inflows are on the rise brought a wave of positivity to the cryptocurrency sector, albeit at levels below the asset’s major historical inflows.

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In the last week, the input value it was initially priced at around $ 8 million. A number that, although not very high (compared to other parameters, such as the level of capitalization of the cryptocurrency), still shows positive and not declining data.

New calculations then contradicted the data proposed by the experts and showed that the ETH inflows Then they got the 120 million dollars. Contrary to what was noted at the time in the early days of this week, there was one of the largest inflows of the entire year.

However, Ethereum wouldn’t be the only cryptocurrency to sign up market entries. Bitcoin (the leading cryptocurrency by capitalization) also showed bullish earnings in the previous week versus last month’s bearish data.

What do these figures say? Do investors see the market differently after the recent surge in major global cryptocurrencies? What can we expect for the future? Certainly valid questions, but very complex to examine given the continuous factors of influence and the characteristic volatility of the asset.

In fact, as in just 5 days, from 22 July to 27 July 2022, we remember the Ethereum value it moved from around $ 1,635 to around $ 1,376 and then showed an attempted upward correction, with ETH trading around $ 1,497 per unit (i.e. per ETH) at the time of writing.

Final comments

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