Analysis as of July 27, 2022


Today we present a focused study of one of the most followed and analyzed cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency space. Cardano (ADA) falls to $ 0.47which is a much lower percentage than the earnings the business was used to showing in the previous days.

Like many other large-cap cryptocurrencies, Cardano suffered Net worth collapses in conjunction with the sharp drop in prices in the last weeks of June and the first weeks of July.

In addition to as many tokens, however, he had some embarked on a timid road of bulls, which immediately gave fans hope for possible positive increases. A run that would not have continued if the $ 0.47 barrier was breached again.

What happened to the ADA token? How were the changes in the values ​​in the short, medium and long term? Questions that we will deepen shortly, not without remembering that you can always identify the Cardano cryptocurrency with internationally renowned brokers such as eToro.

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Cardano (ADA) drops to $ 0.47: recovery trend over?

Cardano (ADA) falls to $ 0.47, which also shows lower rates, certainly shows a correction in assets compared to the rates of the previous days. Specifically, by creating a 14-day chart (i.e. every two weeks), it is possible to draw attention to the fluctuations that have affected the asset.

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The day of July 13 Performance of the ADA token he was clearly in the process of recovery. At rates of around $ 0.42 per unit, the asset started its run and topped first $ 0.45 and then $ 0.47 on July 18, 2022.

They continued to have new trusts pushed cryptocurrency to the top, at levels not seen for some time. On July 20, 2022, the ADA token actually hit and passed the coveted milestone of $ 0.53 per unit (a threshold widely followed by experts).

From that moment, despite a Net recovery on July 24th, the average trend has been downward. On July 25, the cryptocurrency had already broken through below the $ 0.50 wall and subsequently lost the $ 0.475 support as well. At the time of writing, approximately $ 0.466 is required to purchase 1 Cardano.

A price that shows CoinGecko a gauge with reference to the data offered on major exchanges and news sites Change over 7 days of approx. -9.5% and a variation in 24 hours of approximately -0.6%. Either way, the cryptocurrency maintains its position in the overall market cap ranking with a capitalization of $ 15,776,448,507 at the time of writing.

Final comments

From the examination of the historical graph it was possible to highlight a high volatility of the asset, typical of any cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market. Never as in these cases, so it is important to stay constantly updated and learn how to independently review your expression of interest.

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