As Axie Infinity (AXS) falls, Battle Infinity (IBAT) goes up


The gaming community’s enthusiasm for the Metaverse is skyrocketing. The cryptocurrency community is also heavily focused on gaming projects. This has been going on for over three years. 2018 Axie Infinity launched.

After staying at the top of the industry for several years, it was pushed into second place by a newcomer. Fight against infinity.

I just bought 3x Summer Axie 👀 I need help naming it! @AxieInfinity #LunacianSummer

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Axie Infinity is a victim of its own success

This game is based on a fantastic scenario Pokémon get a little closer is one of the first to integrate blockchain into games. It also includes a “play to earn” system. This allows players to trade Axies for cryptocurrencies, including an in-game token called AXS.

This is possible because each axis is actually an NFT. The sale or exchange price depends on the rarity of the Axis.

Although the concept is revolutionary, the cost of Axie Infinity has plummeted over the past twelve months. The main reason is the loss of investor confidence after the game is hacked. The hackers managed to withdraw more than $ 600 million and went unnoticed for more than a week.

Axie Infinity’s loss of speed is also related to this. decrease in the number of players. Plus, the launch of the new community favorite Battle Infinity. Although it is also based on the “Play to Profit” principle, it is much more promising and attracts more investors than its predecessors.

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We are back in trend in India! What a beautiful view

– IBAT – Battle Infinity (@IBATOFFICIAL) July 25, 2022

Battle Infinity (IBAT) will soon be indispensable

Battle Infinity is targeted original gaming experience game based to earn. The entire game universe is in the Metaverse. So wait total immersion and completely revolutionary gameplay.

Like its predecessor, Battle Infinity has its own IBAT token. It is currently in presale and can only be purchased with BNB.

in The minimum purchase amount is 0.1 BNB. and a limit of 500 BNB. To date, over 4,000 BNBs have been sold. Reassuring results for investors flocking to the IBAT. This should be emphasized Battle Infinity is registered on the Binance blockchainwhile Axie Infinity is on the Ethereum blockchain.

The predictions for the IBAT token are rather optimistic estimate of the token value, which can be multiplied by 100.

Battle Infinity: security and transparency

To avoid the same problems as Axie Infinity, Battle Infinity has made all of these processes ultra-secure and encrypted. He successfully passes SolidProof vulnerability tests and meets all CoinSniper criteria. This offers investors even more security.

On this occasion, the co-founder of this game Suresh Joshi stated:

“We have KYC on Coinsniper, so there’s no reason to worry about a possible IBAT attack. “

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The presale of Battle Infinity IBAT tokens started 15 days ago on the official website. To purchase IBAT, simply connect your Metamask or Trustpilot wallet to the platform. This is, of course, after creating an account.

If you already have BNB in ​​your portfolio, enter the amount of BNB you wish to invest. If not, you must first purchase BNB and then follow the various verification steps.

The number of IBAT tokens available during this presale is limited. At this stage, investors cannot purchase more than 16,500 IBATs.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) has what it takes to become the next flagship of the cryptocurrency industry. Its gameplay, which integrates the Metaverse into games, and the security of its processes are all guarantees that will make it a leader in cryptography.

A McKinsey report released last month confirms Battle Infinity’s predictions. According to this report The Metaverse could get over $ 5 trillion in monetization. Battle Infinity can become the leader of the Metaverse game and get the lion’s share of this astronomical figure.

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