Battle Infinity collects 5,000 BNB!


Battle Infinity raised over 5,000 BNBs, and the Telegram community reached over 10,000 users in less than two weeks. A big step forward for a newcomer to the cryptocurrency ecosystem!

Fundraising that attracts investors!

Means thatSoft cap 2000 BNB already passed. The presale is currently underway at 166,666 IBAT / BNB. Telegram community members are excited about the prospect of the launch and look forward to earning rewards by playing.

Infinity Battle is Play to Earn ecosystem launched on Binance Smart Chainwhich has now managed to raise nearly 5,000 BNB a The hard limit is 16,500 BNB. Originally focused on fantasy leagues, the platform allows players to cbuild and develop your team and your strategiescompete with players from all over the world.

Therefore, Battle Infinity is looking to compete with other P2E space giants such as Axie Infinity, Sandbox and Splinterlands. The main difference from Battle Infinity is The focus is on sport. BUT growing field especially in the field of cryptocurrencies, as evidenced by the success of the French startup Sorare.

Battle Infinity competes with the Indian giants

The project was developed by an Indian team and therefore is looking to capitalize on the booming cryptocurrency market, particularly in India. India is the birthplace of blockchains like Polygon, as well as the P2E Dream 11 space and the Mobile Premier League. These are projects Battle Infinity hopes to catch up quickly.

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One of the key aspects of Battle Infinity is the emphasis on cricket as part of the game to take advantage of the sport’s popularity in the country. Cricket is in fact the number 1 sport in India.

Multi-faceted game

One of the things that has attracted investors to presale so far are the many features of Battle Infinity and Variety of options in its ecosystem.

IBAT Premier League is a rating system for those who wish to participate in the game and is used to rank players. The IBAT Combat Exchange is internal exchange, which makes it easy to convert IBAT earnings into another currency. At his side IBAT fights the market it is an internal NFT market that also allows players to upgrade their NFTs. Finally, thisIBAT combat pole allows users to lock their tokens in exchange with an interesting recovery paid in IBAT. Thus, we can see the many and varied features offered by the project.

Metaversion of the projectThis is also a strong point of this project, especially in the context of the growing popularity of this sector. This aspect of the metaverse should be of particular interest to users who love virtual reality.

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This new approach to play should improve along with NFT. the entire gaming experience. Gamers will be able to do more in the digital world than just interact with each other; players will be able to own, speculate and trade your wealth free.

This combination Play to earn, games, NFT and Metaverse can enable Battle Infinity highlight in the future. Faced with stiff competition and existing projects such as The Sandbox or Axie Infinity, Battle Infinity can count on this alliance between different sectors of the crypto ecosystem. to quit the game.

Furthermore, the current market conditions, less than a few days ago, can help attract even more investors and onlookers to the project. We will closely monitor the progress of the project and in particular the presale, which will last almost a month.

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