Battle Infinity: do presales close soon?


We have been presenting it to you for several days now, Battle Infinity defies all predictions. he almost reached 50% presale on August 2, 2022. If you still doubt the interest in Battle Infinity, today we can say that this is the best crypt of the moment!

The presale is still active at the moment. But be The hard cap of 16,500 BNB could be reached sooner than expected. The announced record sales tend to generate interest from investors who flock to the project en masse.

We recommend that you do this. Hurry up if you want to aim for the Battle Infinity IBAT token.

Battle Infinity, the best cryptocurrency of August

The Battle Infinity project has been running for several days and continues its hectic work. He breaks all records with a serious project and has proven effective in the cryptosphere.

Rich metaverse concept

The concept of the Battle Infinity team is simple, Create a fantasy sports metaverse Revolutionary. Players can explore a rich universe and participate in sports competitions.

It uses the principle of the game “play to earn”. In short, you can play Battle Infinity and earn in-game rewards as a result of your matches. You can choose from different sports such as football, basketball, hockey, etc.

Rewards may be in the form of redeemable NFTs. and a real added value! The game is based on NFT player cards that you can purchase and use in your competitions.

The price of these cards depends on their rarity, as well as the results of football, basketball and other players in the real world. The Battle Infinity Metaverse is interconnected, breaking the boundary between the virtual and the physical world!

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Why does Battle Infinity scare investors so much?

There are several factors that could explain such great investor enthusiasm for the IBAT token:

  • Battle Infinity works better than its predecessors adopted encouraging security measures. The project team intends to step out of the shadow of Axie Infinity, which crashed after the Ronin Bridge collapsed.
  • IBAT is limited to 10 million tokens. Currently the presale allows you to invest 28% of this amount. This helps create profitable demand for the cryptocurrency’s value.
  • The IBAT token is a little more reassuring, ensuring the verification of the identity of its users through a KYC system. This is provided by the reputable Coinsniper company.
  • End, the world of crypto games is doing well. This is one of the key sectors at the moment with constant market growth.
  • Competent and cohesive team. The project is based in India, which has quickly become the home of some of the most experienced engineers in the world. Jagjit Jena and Suresh Joshi are at the helm and are in charge of operations. The credibility of the actors of the project speaks strongly of the emulsification around Battle Infinity.

So with all these elements, it’s easy to see why Battle Infinity is the best cryptocurrency this winter 2022.

The first investors in great favor

FROM price $ 0.0015 per token, Battle Infinity will be a great gift for the first to be convinced of the project. Therefore, enthusiasts can hope to increase their starting bet by 10 or even 100 times.

An excellent marketing ploy that has proven its effectiveness in previous major projects.

The battle contains cryptographic airdrops

To top it all off The Airdrop event has begun and will bring nearly $ 3,000 in IBAT. 100 entrants, one of whom will win $ 500 in IBAT. You must be present by 23:59 IST on August 14 to participate.

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The IBAT token is currently on presale.

If you are considering investing in this Metaverse game, you should look at the IBAT token. What The presale is active from 11 July 2022 and there are only 68 days left to go to the entrance. The presale is 50% complete and you must hurry to take advantage of it.

More than 7,300 BNB have already been collected from the hard cap of 16,500 BNB. It must be said that the displayed price is ridiculously low for the first participants.

This is a unique opportunity that attracts many investors. In summary, In just 20 days, over 2 million euros were invested in the project. This is a very explosive launch for the cryptocurrency world too!

Buy IBAT to become one of the first investors

To purchase it, create a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet. MetaMask or Trust Wallet are leaders in this field. Opening a wallet happens in minutes!

Then visit the Battle Infinity Official Website to purchase your first IBATs! All you have to do is enter the desired IBAT amount based on the funds you have previously deposited into your wallet.

Enter your wallet address at checkout. You will receive your tokens in minutes. The last step is to link your tokens to the wallet with a simple operation.

Find out more about buying IBATgo to our tutorial page here.

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