Battle Infinity has 3,000 BNB and will reach its soft cap in 1 week.


The IBAT token continues to grow high beam with 3,000 BNB already collected. Battle Infinity will surprise even optimists with resounding success with investors. Online for 90 days, The presale included a soft cap of 2,000 BNB.. It won’t take long and will be done in just a week!

Suresh Joshi’s ambitious project seems to be paying off. in this case, Hard cap of 16,500 BNB to be achieved in just over a month ! If you want to invest in a promising token, we recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity without delay.

Why is the Battle Infinity project so popular?

Battle Infinity is based on a well known concept, namely Fantasy Sports. Games like Sorare or Axie Infinity have already shown us the enormous interest they can generate.

I have to say it the sport theme attracts and binds everyone. Battle Infinity also includes innovative elements such as the ability to explore a completely open and action-packed world.

The player can then use their NFT cards to face their opponents in different territories. The game takes it one step further by offering you customized rewards based on the player’s actual performance.

Battle Infinity breaks the line between reality and virtual a little more offering you an original experience. You have to think carefully about the cards you want to own to win games in the metaverse!

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Safe system

Despite Axie Infinity’s marijuana, the genre doesn’t seem to run out and the shareholders are still there. This hasn’t stopped creators from reassuring potential buyers with specific solutions.

The IBAT token is made to last and prevent the cryptographic monopoly of some whales. The Battle Infinity team has everything it takes to protect retail investors from potential market manipulation.

KYC Battle Infinity operated by Coinsniper, which is the recognized framework for it! Suresh Joshi wants to settle down at all costs when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The company is based in India. The country is known for hosting talented computer engineers. In other words, you can be sure that the project will be successful and serious.

IBAT token will exceed its soft cap in 1 week!

almost since then 3000 BNB invested, the IBAT token is about to become one of the best cryptocurrencies this year! The estimated cost of the project is now $ 800,000 and this mad rush won’t stop there.

On July 20, the project has already surpassed its soft target of 2,000 BNB. The trend seems to be accelerating for our Fantasy League Multiverse project!

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Despite the solidity of the project, this is a historic start for Suresh Joshi’s company. When you If you want to get IBAT tokens, you need to hurry.


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

To buy IBAT, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Create a Binance-compatible wallet : MetaMask or TrustWallet are safe and easy to configure values. To learn more about creating a crypto wallet, visit our detailed guide.
  • Link your wallet to Binance : To do this, simply select Binance if you want to connect your wallet to the platform.
  • Go to the Battle Infinity presale page : Then click the “Buy” button on the Battle Infinity presale page to start shopping! Keep in mind that you must have at least 0.1 BNB to spend on an IBAT token. The maximum you can spend is 500 BNB upfront.

Here you are, all cards in hand, to join the insane rise of Battle Infinity. If you want to know more about buying cryptocurrencies online, join our guide on our website!

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