Battle Infinity made $ 1 million in two weeks


Now it’s done Battle Infinity confirms the impressive release. Reaching $ 1 million in two weeks, this is one of the best deals so far.

The excitement surrounding the Battle Infinity game does not subside. What The presale seems to be heading towards the collection of the famous limit of 16,500 BNB.

Currently, investors have bought 4,000 BNB. Already 75 days after the end of this presale 28% of the suggested maximum was bought. If you want to invest in Battle Infinity, we advise you to hurry.

The concept of Battle Infinity is tempting

There is a Metaverse universe in Battle Infinity. with many features. It’s a small revolution in fantasy sports games.

Suresh Joshi’s team strives to give players the impression that they are developing in their world. It includes a new game system which is a link to the real world.

his system Play to earn money it gives it a real boost and connects with new crypto trends like NFT.

You will actually be able to collect player cards. The meaning becomes partial indexed by the performance of players in their actual games.

With Battle Infinity you are entitled to unique and very well designed gameplay.

Battle Infinity, a serious project with talented engineers

The company is based in India and it is no coincidence. India has many talented engineers working on the cutting edge of technology.

Here are the profiles of the main Battle Infinity team:

  • Jagjit Jena : He is the CEO and founder of the Battle Infinity project.
  • Sure Joshi A: He co-founded a project with Jena. He is very active in providing us with information about the Battle Infinity game.
  • Viani Chhabra A: He is the technical manager of the project. He guarantees the success of the project by being responsible for technical innovation and the implementation of technological solutions in the company.
  • Ajit Gil : Ensures the success of the Battle Infinity project by ensuring that the technical development of the game is implemented correctly.
  • Abhinai Chabra : it is he who sets the overall graphic strategy of the game, builds the visual universe of Battle Infinity and makes it viable.
  • Rishita Mitra : Takes care of creating the creative contents of the game, developing the editorial strategy, the tone used, in short, the game itself!
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Battle Infinity, a worthy successor to Axie Infinity?

Blockchain still enjoys some popularity despite the recent cryptocurrency turbulence.

in The latest industry report from DappRadar it even shows us that the cryptocurrency gaming industry is one of the most resilient in 2022.

Chart from the DappRadar website of trading volume in the NFT game markets between 2021 and 2022.

We can explain this resilience through the emulsion that each new Metaverse game project brings. The public seems to be intrigued by this new concept and is making it known. Invest heavily in solid projects like Battle Infinity.

Axie Infinity, still with an impressive capitalization

Looking at the previous project in the field of fantasy sports, we just have to ask ourselves about the future game based on the IBAT token.

Despite Axie Infinity’s severe setback regarding the Ronin Bridge, this is still rising to a market cap of $ 1.3 billion..

For now, Axie Infinity remains very profitable for the “early investors”, as the latter have benefited from a 150x increase in their purchase at the current purchase price.

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So much to say The IBAT token is allocated for those who have this in mind is a huge increase in the power of the AXS token.

The IBAT token is worth $ 1 million at $ 0.0015 each.

Sales continue to grow reach $ 1 million in just 2 weeks. This is a great start to the world of crypto games as well.

With a fixed price of $ 0.0015 per IBAT token, you will almost certainly make a profit at the end of the project!

Additionally, the Battle Infinity team has taken precautions to avoid scams. He hired a company KYC founded, Coinsniper. This helps to avoid fraudulent activity that leads to a sudden drop in the value of the token.

Finally, the IBAT token also has a reward system. Rewards each IBAT holder based on the exchange processes carried out. This greatly reduces the impact bear race for small investors.

In a word, all the conditions that guarantee the success of the project are met!

How to buy IBAT?

To purchase IBAT, all you need to do is link your MetaMask or TrustWallet to Binance Smart Chain.

When you’re done, you still need to go to the Battle Infinity presale page to purchase the IBAT.

Don’t forget to enter the address provided on the sales page to receive the tokens from the wallet.

To learn more about creating a wallet, visit our detailed guide.

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