Battle Infinity raises $ 500,000 in one day!


This is a new level filled with one on the Battle Infinity page. reached the symbolic limit of 12,000 BNB ! But there is nothing left 4000 BNB in ​​presale for late investors.

As expected, the insane growth of Battle Infinity is creating a snowball effect and is attracting more and more investors. Will remain soon there won’t be enough IBAT to buy it at the bargain price of $ 0.0015.

At this frantic pace, the hard cap should be achieved in a few days. If you are planning an investment, we recommend that you get started very quickly!

Battle Infinity is ahead of its time

In its open-world Metaverse project, Battle Infinity breaks the rules with unique gameplay. in The IBAT token appears to be in the process of increasing its value to X10 or X100. Its main added value derives from the technical quality it develops. Other fantasy projects had flaws that cost them dearly.

Battle Infinity is popular because it is safe

Developers do it do everything possible to attract investors. And it goes through guarantees, relying on CoinSniper for them. KYC control For instance !

His Anti-tear protection system he comes to add more stone to the building. This means that there is no danger of small investors being overwhelmed by whales, large investors have the opportunity to manipulate the markets.

$ 500,000 raised in one day for the IBAT token

We have rarely seen such launches, even in the shaky world of cryptocurrencies. Battle Infinity continues to solidify its position as the cryptocurrency leader at the moment.

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If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, this project is not to be missed this winter 2022.

Most impressive is that the project did not benefit from an extensive marketing campaign. Investors accept the project for what it’s worth, with no gimmicks.

You can also explain the excitement around the game by the ambitions it has. in The goal is clearly to dethrone big games like Dream 11, which has around 100 million players. in various sports fields.

As the hard cap will most likely be achieved very quickly, we hope the Battle Infinity team will do their best to surprise us again!

How to buy IBAT tokens?

To buy IBAT, the processing is very simple:

  • Create and connect your MetaMask or TrustWallet wallet A: To purchase IBAT, you need a Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet. Use the above wallets, they are the most popular and reliable.
  • Visit the Battle Infinity pre-order page : Simply go to the Battle Infinity Official Purchase Page and click “BUY IBAT”. You can buy as much as the funds in your wallet allow.
  • Import your tokens : After the purchase, you just need to link your tokens to the wallet by entering the address provided by the site on its page, for example, in the “Import Tokens” section of your MetaMask wallet.

If you need more information, please follow our detailed guide on how to buy IBAT here.

What are the prospects for Battle Infinity?

Co-founder Suresh Joshi seems pleased with this meteoric rise, which is hardly surprising. He explains:

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We expect growth to continue to accelerate as FOMO appears to have got off to a good start.

for its publication The price of the IBAT has not yet been determined. But one thing is certain: IBAT is unlikely to remain at $ 0.0015 once released.

Finally, Suresh informs us. Initially, IBAT will be interchangeable on the popular PancakeSwap platform.. The teams are committed to increasing the number of deals with centralized trading platforms.

Battle Infinity is in development and will soon be tested on the main network.

in Head of social media Karan Sharma recently announced the start of the fourth phase of the project. This shows that the teams are working hard to release the project as soon as possible.

This emulsion keeps the buzz around Battle Infinity alive. and don’t let it go If project milestones follow each other quickly, prices can be expected to skyrocket when exiting IBAT.

Battle Infinity is currently testing its Battle Swap market on testnet and is working on an alpha version for mobile stores.

What The developers want to gradually open the doors of the project before opening the doors. A meticulous way of doing things that guarantees us that the game is of high quality and bug free!

If you want to keep an eye on the IBAT price when it comes out, visit our live pricing page for cryptocurrencies.

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