Binance offers solutions for inflation


The news came this morning in a tweet from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). After a gradual launch to a limited audience on July 7 in Argentina, the Binance Card is now available to the general public.

The #Binance card is now available in Argentina. The software started on 7.7. Distribute to the rest in the next week or so. Soon other regions. #to build

CZ Binance (@cz_binance) July 24, 2022

Binance Card launched in Argentina

Cryptophiles residing in Argentina now have access to the Binance Card. Starting next week, it will be gradually introduced in different regions of the country. Argentina became the first Latin American country to introduce a debit card exchange. This allows Binance customers to make purchases in physical stores or online. The only requirement is that these merchants accept Visa cards as a form of payment. In addition to the ability to store cryptocurrencies, it offers the ability to quickly convert crypto assets into fiat currency during the payment process. Which easily democratizes the use of this solution.

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Cashback system for cryptocurrencies

To increase the attractive potential of this crypto card, Binance also offers a BNB cashback system. The Binance card, in fact, allows users to recover up to 8% of the amount paid for each of their purchases. Furthermore, the funds in question are credited directly to your wallet without the need for any manual intervention. However, purchases that are eligible for a refund are subject to certain eligibility criteria.

Binance’s popularity in the cryptocurrency community is undeniable. With Binance Card, the exchange is taking a big step towards democratizing cryptocurrencies, facilitating their integration into consumers’ daily lives. It remains to be seen how events will unfold in the coming weeks.

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