Bitcoin (BTC): price analysis as of July 26, 2022


We find ourselves deepening today Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis., which is the most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world and the oldest in the complex global crypto landscape. An asset that suffered a lot in the first weeks of July, showing stocks even below $ 19,500.

In the early hours of July 26, 2022, Bitcoin a new decline begins below $ 22,000 (share seen by many support experts over the past 3 trading days). Times are very difficult and experts continue to search the market for clues.

in Market environment so unstable, with high volatility, what were the medium, short and very short-term fluctuations of bitcoin? Could the $ 20,000 (still unbroken for now) line scare bullish users? What do we expect from BTC?

Questions that we will be able to deepen shortly, not without reminding you that you can always do it Find Bitcoin (BTC) within professional and regulated platforms such as eToro. It still gives you access to a full $ 100,000 virtual demo account to use at your discretion.

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Bitcoin (BTC): the 7-day and 24-hour chart

Let’s go back to what was said in the introduction to understand it The price of bitcoin falls againyou have to start from scratch and consider the trends highlighted by the cryptocurrency for 7 days.

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On July 19, 2022 the bitcoin price (in some sections of the table) was about $ 22,018 per unit. A stock quickly replaced a confident climb to over $ 24,000 on July 20. A rally bodes well for new asset acquisitions.

A race, however did not rise further, showing an average downtrend as of this writing. Specifically, after breaking the $ 23,000 and then $ 22,000 barrier bitcoin quote it also decreased in the early hours of July 26, 2022.

Recent prices of around $ 21,031 have been replaced by an attempt to hike at the time of writing. This bitcoin value equal to about $ 21,117 (certainly well below the maximum that the token had accustomed us to reading in the last weeks of 2021.

With a current share priceAccording to leading news and analytics sites for the global crypto industry, there was a negative drop of -5.7% in 7 days and a negative fluctuation over a 24-hour interval of around -4.2%. For the sake of completeness, the most up-to-date data on BTC is as follows:

  • Current Market Cap of $ 403,433,023,752;
  • 7-day maximum at $ 24,160.26;
  • 7-day minimum at $ 21,031.74;
  • 24 hour trading volume of $ 48.307.507.510.

Final comments

As mentioned in the introduction, you can independently identify bitcoin even with the best brokers and exchanges. BTC is the most popular crypto asset in the world and the most valued on the trading platforms.

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