Can Apple make the Metaverse useful and fun?


Although the American company Apple has been popular for many years, it is no longer in great demand. Indeed, it has a great collection of high-tech and fashion products, but it is no longer as fashionable as it was in the days of Steve Jobs. Several factors probably explain this slight decline in the popularity of the Apple brand.

Consequently, in the next few years, we should be able not only to renew ourselves, but also to adapt to new technologies, such as, in particular, the Metaverse, which is likely to soon become a permanent part of our life. The potential of this technology is huge and it could perfectly fit into the Apple product space.

Future of the Metaverse

in metaverse it’s a science fiction concept that many tech-savvy people consider the Internet’s successor. To understand the meaning of this word we must go back to the early 90s. The Metaverse, created by writer Neil Stephenson, is a virtual world that exists outside of the one we live in. This concept, developed by Ernest Kline in his Ready Player One novel, really took off from the Covid pandemic.

Today, the Metaverse is an expanding realm that also represents the diversity of experiences, environments and resources in the virtual world. The cryptocurrency industry has conquered the Metaverse and sees infinite growth potential in it. The long-awaited and currently still in its infancy Web3 involves integrating this technology together Blockchain and cryptocurrencies determine the future of the virtual world.

Outside the cryptocurrency industry giants of the web clearly interested in the metaverse. This is especially true of Facebook, which has become a meta and clearly states its intentions for the future. The group aims to create the next Metaverse that will revolutionize the current web landscape by connecting the virtual world, social relationships, virtual and augmented reality and cryptocurrencies.

Getting started with NFT games

Although the Internet is not yet complete converted to web3 where users access content with new interactions, a new world whose full scale is difficult to imagine. However, we have a brief overview that is becoming more specific from year to year, especially in NFT games.

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They use blockchain technology to exist and protect the metaverse where players can have fun, interact with each other, etc. This phenomenon seems to attract more and more, so much so that last year Ax of infinity it has been the most popular, as its asset has surpassed $ 100 for several weeks.

Battle Infinity, king of 2022?

Also this year there is a novelty called Battle Infinity. enthusiasm and curiosity of the community as for these new games, which are still difficult to fully define. Furthermore, this new way of having fun, being able to earn rewards with tokens or even NFTs, is a completely new concept: play to earn (P2E).

FROM p2e, Players don’t just enjoy the game and earn something for it. As such, Battle Infinity is a fantasy league game developed with Unreal Engine that invites you to create your own team to face off against other members in an attempt to climb the leaderboard. With the Metaverse in mind, all of the heroes, items available in the game are NFTs that can be resold.

Battle Infinity just started presale via its IBAT token 11 days ago and has already collected over $ 600,000. While the information on this game is still incomplete, the community has reacted very positively to this upcoming Metaverse game.

In a context where everything moves fast Now all eyes are on Apple. Known all over the world for its mobile phone, the iPhone, which has radically changed the way we communicate, as well as our use of this device, almost indispensable in our daily life.

If we know that, like the Meta, Apple is interested in the Metaverse and should soon release its VR headset on the subject. In general, little is known about the intentions of the Cupertino company.

The brand is known for its clean and quality products A: iPhones are easy to use, their grip is obvious, and the design is discreet but terribly effective. If there’s one company that can help the world get into the Metaverse with VR headsets, it’s Apple.

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After trying Google with Google glasses or oculus which, although popular, is far from attractive to most, but if we want to see the evolution of the Metaverse as easily as mobile phones have conquered users around the world, we need a product worthy of the capabilities of Apple.

Will Apple be up to the task?

Regardless, Apple is no longer a Steve Jobs-era company. In 2019, its legendary head designer, Jony Ive, permanently left the company. Despite his departure, Apple and Jony Ive still maintained a relationship through his new design company, LoveFrom.

A deal was made between Jony Ive and Apple so that it could continue Help develop Apple products as a consultant, working for other clients through his company until he competed with Apple.

However, it turns out that a few months ago the contract was about to expire. Both sides have decided not to renew it, especially since Jony Ive wants the freedom not to ask Apple’s law firm if any customer can compete with the terms of their contract.

Therefore, we have the right to ask ourselves: Does Apple still have people who can once again revolutionize the environment and bring it closer to the metaverse? Or is society already a thing of the past at a time when everything is changing extremely rapidly? What The answer may come very soon with a future virtual reality headset in development.

At the beginning of the year Tim Cook expressed Apple’s interest in the Metaverse. While it’s still unclear, like Meta or Google, the web giants want to miss out on the next evolution of the web more than ever.

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