Can Ethereum Exceed $ 1,700? Analysis July 22, 2022


The fluctuations and rises shown on the reference chart cause experts and analysts to wonder if this is the case. Ethereum could exceed $ 1,700 per unit or less. This is certainly an ambitious threshold, which the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world has already been able to reach several times in the past.

In such a delicate context, where many innovations are at stake, the ecosystem functions (which we remember having witnessed the slow and gradual transition from PoW to PoS) with a Attempt to take over the cryptocurrency sector. The same has recently gained in capitalization compared to the historical decline of the previous weeks.

For to advance the industry, in particular the cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization: on the one hand, Bitcoin (crypto with the greatest dominance of all time) and on the other, Ethereum, which has been in second place for years. What have been the latest token trends? Are there any expectations for further moves or is the cryptocurrency facing corrections?

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Can Ethereum Exceed $ 1,700? The fluctuations of the last few hours

To return to the question posed in the introduction, Can Ethereum Exceed $ 1,700? The analysis is certainly very complex, mainly due to the numerous influencing factors to be taken into account as well as the numerous market imbalances.

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The fact is that the data is in your hands after undergoing a further correction to the $ 1,500 level for the cryptocurrency, the token staged another rally today, after the average rise of the last few days (moving away from the lows of the beginning of the month near $ 1,000).

In detail, Ethereum has remained firmly above the $ 1,465 level, began a push (in the early hours of this July 22, 2022), even above the $ 1,600 listing level. New trusts in the market also broke through this psychological wall, taking assets to highs of around $ 1,640.

This Price of Ethereum (ETH). it is now trading above $ 1,500 (a level widely seen by analysts in recent weeks), although this is a correction from this morning’s highs. According to major cryptocurrency exchanges, Ethereum is priced around $ 1,605 at the time of writing.

The second cryptocurrency after capitalization is therefore retained above the wall of $ 1,600. The current reading shows growth of around 7.4% over a 24 hour period and a fluctuation of around 34.6% over a weekly period (seven days). In any case, we will continue to be constantly informed about the short, medium and long term fluctuations of the assets.

Final comments

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