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Puntuación: expands payment options and adds Google Pay. As the cryptocurrency industry fully recovers, you can now buy your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using the platform’s new payment method.

Buy cryptocurrency with Google Pay on

Media coverage of digital assets has led to the creation of trading platforms. The latter are well known, develop in the industry and facilitate transactions between investors. One of the most popular is Founded in 2016, the platform with over 10 million customers is constantly evolving.

After many collaborations, he returns to the scene with a new product. In fact, the exchange has announced that it will now accept payments via Google Pay. Starting next week, users will be able to purchase all their favorite cryptocurrencies with a new feature.

From Bitcoin to XRP, they have over 250 crypto assets to choose from. However, the offer will only be available to Android users. Once this feature is integrated, users who have linked their Google Pay accounts to a debit or credit card will be able to initiate transactions.

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The trading platform facilitates many cryptocurrency transactions. Between buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies, users can easily run their business. To buy Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets with Google Pay, simply follow the instructions below.

First, as mentioned above, you need to link a debit or credit card to your Google Pay account. So all you need to do is purchase on the app. Adding this feature simplifies transactions as you can perform transactions from your connected Android smartphone, tablet or watch.

With this partnership, clearly demonstrates its commitment to expansion and advancement. The platform has been making a lot of noise lately after obtaining licenses in record time. Currently, cryptocurrency exchanges operate legally in many countries.

Among others, Singapore, Dubai, Greece and more recently Italy. She has also partnered with the likes of Shopify to enable her Pay service. This year has also been a busy year for Google Pay, as the company has launched many joint projects since 2021. Integration on completes the list of joint projects such as Coinbase and Gemini.

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Cryptocurrency is growing over time and asset providers are looking for ways to keep up with the times. As for the trading platform, let’s see Binance first. However, is not kidding. In fact, the exchange now allows you to buy many cryptocurrencies via Google Pay. Including Bitcoin, Pelle, SOL

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