Does Bitcoin pollute so much? Data and possible solutions


In recent years, numerous studies have drawn attention to the pollution levels of cryptocurrencies, with an obvious focus on those with higher capitalization. An aspect that has led experts and analysts (including environmentalists) to wonder why bitcoin pollutes so much.

From the beginning, it is good to remember an important distinction which, on the one hand, sees the presence of PoW cryptocurrencies (ie work test) and on the other the so-called Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies (POS). PoW assets pollute much more than PoS assets as a structural feature.

It is because the PoW validation It is essentially based on the dissolution of blocks thanks to the development of powerful computers. Users actively compete on the network and consume a significant amount of energy.

PoS cryptocurrency, on the other hand, uses a different system, under which Assignment (eg freezing assets in the portfolio for a certain period of time. Validations are random and all this is much less energy-intensive and therefore less disruptive.

In this case, the PoW cryptocurrency par excellence is Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum (which, however, has to go through a complicated process of Transformation into a point of sale) and other tokens. Resources you can always find from professional brokers like eToro.

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Bitcoin pollutes: are there any solutions?

As has already been said, dirty bitcoin basically persist. Despite the emergence of new processors and new graphics cards highly specialized in this activity, mining is one of the market segments considered more polluting in recent times.

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According to a study by the University of Cambridge, it goes into more detail energy consumptionAs of June 2022, the global bitcoin network (at full capacity) required 14.34 gigawatts of power. A value that would be enough to meet the needs of 14.4 million families.

With an average bill of 10.6 US cents per kWh, we quickly reach our goal 13.4 billion dollars. A colossal fact that helps to understand the demand of the sector, even if mining is considered a much more polluting and expensive process than other technologies.

Speak about solutions in this general framework, basically means talking about other technologies destined to replace PoW. Projects like Cardano, Tron (but also Ripple, which aims to become carbon neutral by 2030) are gaining more and more interest in the market thanks to their greener nature.

Among the many projects we also find Megatech (MGT), a South American reality in continuous expansion that guarantees sustainability linked to blockchain technology. Obtained from the owners of this innovative totem variable rewards generated directly by Megatech solar panels.

Final comments

If only I wanted to bet on it Green cryptocurrenciesthat is the least polluting and belonging to the Proof of Stake category, you have the possibility to identify your tokens of interest within the best online trading platforms.

The same allows you to access and locate the crypto sector Gimbal, Tron, as well as many other tokens that are not based on mining but on Proof of Stake. You can also find Ethereum, which will complete its transition to PoS in the coming weeks.

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