Does optimism (OP) towards investors really express optimism?


Called Optimism (OP)the ecosystem (one of the youngest in the cryptocurrency sector) was born in a rather unique market context that has long since abandoned the colossal increases to which the cryptocurrency sector has become accustomed in 2021 and awaits new and possible developments.

Its designation should remind you of this term optimism, but which cryptocurrency really wakes up something for investors in the global cryptocurrency market? After a difficult start that resulted in a price loss of around 36% in the second week of June, the OP asset underwent several swings.

The route shot of the last few days is clearly visible in a average recovery trend from 18 July 2022, but with its typical ups and downs. How is the token doing in the short and medium term? Hopes of a rebound from all-time highs? What is the general sentiment of the market?

Questions we can explore shortly, not before showing how all the major cryptocurrencies in the world are available from professional and regulated brokers, like eToro. A solid trader who also gets you started with a handy unlimited demo account.

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Optimism (OP): short and very short term fluctuations

Last week the Optimism Award (OP) recorded one of the strongest increases in recent months. By setting an 8-day chart, it is possible to see how the value of the OP token was approximately $ 0.56 per unit (i.e., per single token) in some segments as of July 18, 2022.

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A stock was quickly replaced by an early gain that had allowed the cryptocurrency to hit the milestone dress for $ 0.80with even higher peaks the 19 Una growth in hourswhich had immediately given bullish users hope for the asset.

After a quick fix, back below $ 0.70 as of July 21, 2022, was the average trend of the token until early in the morning. At dawn on July 25, 2022, the price of optimism (OP) was around $ 0.96 (very close to the psychological threshold of the dollar).

Over the next few hours, the crypto asset saw a slight correction and at the time of writing it was trading around $ 0.82. According to the world’s leading information and trading sites, there is one 7-day change of + 43.9% and a variation over 24 hours is equivalent to approximately -12.7%.

For completeness, please refer to further data that have been updated in the press. PO tokenthat we remember as a native resource (as well as utility) of the optimism ecosystem:

  • Position in the world ranking by market capitalization: 182;
  • market cap at $ 179,257,329;
  • 24-hour trading volume of $ 134,426,945;
  • Volume / market capitalization ratio of 0.7499;
  • Overall cryptocurrency industry dominance of 0.017%.

Final comments

Looking forward to optimism (OP), which can be seen as a relatively new cryptocurrencyis listed on other stock exchanges and professional exchanges, we remind you that most of the large cap tokens are available on the latest generation platforms, fully regulated and with significantly simplified management.

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