Ethereum could soon reach $ 10,000


For a while, Ethereum cryptocurrency in the spotlight. It must be said that its technology offers many more possibilities than the famous bitcoin. The recent correction does not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of cryptocurrency investors.

but the resurgence of Ethereum’s popularity it is also related to the change of the latter. she is Switch to Proof of Stake it can give it momentum for years to come.

We will give you all the key points to help you better understand this probable growth.

Ethereum before a new rise?

Since its release, Ethereum has continued to fuel fantasies in the cryptosphere through its many applications. A crime The Proof of Work system compared to the Proof of Stake system is a real leap forward.

The process in question is known as “Fusion”. It is due to be completed this summer and investors are already expecting an increase in value.

Ethereum took advantage of this news and has even risen to 60% in the past 10 days.

Investors are already making their first estimates

The Australian Comparison Platform (Finder) conducted a study on the Ethereum case. What Investors believe that by the end of the year, the value of the cryptocurrency will reach $ 1,700.

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A significant increase is expected in the coming years $ 15,000 in 2030. Therefore, this is a nearly 10-fold increase in less than 10 years.

However, this projected increase is conditional. For Ethereum to be convincing, Make sure you complete the merge process and runs smoothly.

A third of the investors surveyed believe Ethereum will rise in price soon after the transition. If we are to believe it, this is likely to be a good short-term investment.

Joseph Raczynski, Thomson Reuters technologist, says of Ethereum:

It’s the blue blood of the cryptocurrency world … supporting hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions and values ​​and with thousands of tokens.

For many professionalsEthereum is the new safe bet in the world of cryptocurrencies. It features a sturdy construction that will withstand the turbulence of the future.

The BitMex co-founder believes Ethereum will reach $ 10,000 in 2022

Big companies also have high hopes for Ethereum! Hayes, co-founder and CEO of BitMex he is much more optimistic.

For him there are no doubts. The second largest cryptocurrency will reach $ 10,000 in 2022.. It is based on bull market forecasts that will push the price to new heights.

To stay up to date on Ethereum events, visit our live cryptocurrency pricing page.

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How to buy Ethereum?

If you are convinced and want to buy Ethereum, here is a mini-guide in a few steps:

  • Open bank account : Register on an online exchange platform called Coinbase, Binance or
  • Pass KYC : This is the identity verification required to secure your exchange.
  • First deposit: You need to send funds to your profile to start buying Ethereum.
  • Find Ethereum : In the search bar, enter the name of the cryptocurrency.
  • Submit a purchase order A: All you have to do is wait while placing a purchase order after the transaction.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between acquiring cryptocurrencies and CFDs. Look carefully when buying.

When you you want to make quick profits with EthereumDon’t wait too long. The transition from the POW to the POS model will take place by the end of the summer!

To learn more about buying cryptocurrencies, please visit our detailed page on this topic.

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