Ethereum Merge coming soon: ETH rises in the rankings


With The Ethereum merger will come soonExperts and analysts have begun to show considerable interest in cryptocurrency analysis. The shift from PoW to PoS continues to excite the entire cryptocurrency world and everyone is wondering if the process will be smooth and smooth.

After a month of bearish trends, even very close to the threshold of $ 1,000 per unit, the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world would have been found new ideas to grow and increase its market capitalization (obviously compared to the previous minimum points).

The month of July ended successfully and efficiently surpassing the $ 1,700 per unit mark. A value also considered psychological by many scientists and which has been one of the most studied in recent months. What changes with the announcement of Merge (scheduled for September 19, 2022)?

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Next Ethereum Merger: What Do We Expect From the ETH Ecosystem?

Back to The Ethereum merger will come soonIt is good to keep in mind all the news that the development team has continued to present, including through the official ecosystem blog, during the last weeks of July. All eyes would then be on the roadmap for this historic PoW to PoS transition.

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That is to say, to offer the most remarkable data, in close connection with the most interesting news, was the community manager of the Ethereum Foundation Tim Beiko. The PoW to PoS transaction is one of the most complicated and unsurprisingly how many months of testing and auditing took place.

So let’s try to recap exactly what it should be Main stages of the transaction:

  1. The Bellatrix updateclosely linked to the Beacon Chain and (barring unforeseen circumstances) scheduled for August 4, 2022;
  2. Hopefully, there will be a second milestone Merger with Gorliin this case expected between 6 and 12 August (the exact date cannot yet be determined with certainty);
  3. The generated testnet then takes the name of Goerli, then follows lupdate.

In accordance with these phases he is the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, has recently recalled and publicly disclosed all the phases that will lead to the completion of the operation. It is about to begin Mergerdefinitely one of the most anticipated, followed by 4 additional steps:

  • The climb ;
  • The edge;
  • Clean;
  • Folly.

In any case, we will continue to keep abreast of developments and advances which, as they have a powerful impact on the entire Ethereum ecosystem, are essential to consider when studying Ethereum. ETH tokencosts of new recoveries in excess of $ 1,700 per unit.

Final comments

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