Ethereum Returns Below $ 1,450: Recovery Expected?


In the early hours of July 26, 2022 it was possible: a Ethereum is back below $ 1,450 per unit. A stock that had largely been replaced by new bullish rallies in the previous days, giving hope to both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and optimists alike.

What does it mean Losing $ 1,500 of support? Will the cryptocurrency continue its descent and also break through the psychological barrier of $ 1,400, or will it find a new uptrend? According to many experts, staying above $ 1,400 will be important to avoid creating further negative sentiment for the asset.

Meanwhile, Ethereum is showing it Upward and downward trendsThe cryptocurrency sector continues to try to recover from the colossal decline recorded in late June and the first weeks of July.

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Ethereum drops below $ 1,450: here is the latest historical data

Ethereum is back below $ 1,450 per share certainly shows a correction in assets compared to the previous days. However, to understand the steep decline, it is necessary to recap and remember the rush that the cryptocurrency had registered in the previous week and which is considered one of the most interesting in recent times.

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In particular, tracing 2 weeks from 13 July to 22 July, the trend of the ETH token was on average bullish. The asset’s value had actually increased from a low of $ 1,027 points per unit to around $ 1,639 (still shows bullish and bearish trends).

However, the volatility typical of any crypto instrument had shown an immediate correction as early as July 23. Get up for a few minutes above $ 1,600 in the last hours of July 24, it then fell to lower levels and broke the psychological wall of $ 1,450.

At the time of this writing, the Price of the ether is equal to approximately $ 1,420 and shows us a variation over two weeks that is still positive (equal to 29.4%) and a negative variation in a weekly range of -9.6%, according to data from the main exchanges and trading sites crypto sector analysis.

the Area of ​​$ 1,400 therefore very close and analysts continue to wonder if the asset will be able to maintain higher levels or if it will continue to fall below the support zone. In any case, we will continue to be updated on its performance as well as on the latest news related to the Ethereum ecosystem.

This ETH token It still maintains the second position in the world ranking by capitalization, with a market capitalization of approximately $ 170,146,374,152 at the time of this writing.

Final comments

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