Fedimint and Fedi, for a greater adoption of Bitcoin (BTC)!


For wider adoption of bitcoin (BTC), digital wallets, seen as storage solutions for cryptographic tokens, need to be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As proof, hardware wallet vendors like Trezor and Ledger aren’t present in the poor regions of the world. To solve this problem, Obi Nwosu came up with the idea of ​​making a wallet accessible to everyone. He then worked with developers to create Fedi, a Bitcoin (BTC) storage solution based on the Fedimint protocol.

Characteristics of the Fedi portfolio

Fedi is a technology designed to incentivize the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) around the world. This is a special mobile application that provides access to a Bitcoin hardware wallet. The tool is based on the Fedimint protocol, which makes it secure, simple and decentralized.

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According to its co-founder Obi Nwosu, Fedi has a robust interface and aims to be the first bitcoin wallet built using IDEO’s human-centered design method.

You should be aware that the Fedimint protocol is governed by groups of trusted people working together. These groups of people are part of the cryptocurrency community and are called gatekeepers (because they control the tokens stored in the hardware wallet).

Additionally, Fedimint is available on the Lightning Bitcoin (BTC) network. Obi Nwosu describes it as a simple, private system that feels safer than a cryptocurrency exchange or hardware wallet for storing BTC.

Fedi appears to be the simplest, safest and most private bitcoin wallet to date. It was designed to work all over the world. It offers billions of people around the world the ability to securely store their bitcoins (BTC).

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Source: Bitcoin Journal

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