Games: what if NFT games were the future?


Today more than 700 million people play online and this number is constantly increasing. The world is changing and so are our information systems. The future of games will be very different from today, we got a taste of current NFT games.

In fact, the development of new technologies and the introduction of the blockchain that gave life to cryptocurrencies has also made it possible to introduce new design possibilities. new kind of games.

The future of NFT gaming

We hear more and more about these new games. A concept that is currently taking over all the game news. Recall that these are NFT-based games that allow players to own unique digital items in a virtual world. this is digital certificate tokens, B. through the blockchain system, i.e. you are the sole owner of the token. And because it’s interchangeable, it can be swapped between players.

Developers want to exploit this potential because it is becoming more and more attractive and almost limitless. Therefore, the owner of the token can speculate on its value and see the return on investment. Thanks to blockchain technology, therefore, it guarantees the security of transactions between participants.

Therefore, NFTs aim to reach a wider audience of gamers. However, this market is not just for the latter, we are seeing more and more NFT taps seeing great potential in it or even major brands across all industries. like fashion.

Growth of NFT games

In 2021, NFT tokens helped change the market 44 billion sold. Integration into the game world seems obvious. The market is booming and many see the advent of NFTs as the new golden age. The gaming market hasn’t developed this way for a long time and, more importantly, so quickly.

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At the same time, Axie Infinity, which was the most popular game of the genre in 2021, has almost stretched. 400 million dollars in two months to Sky Mavis. NFTs have not yet become mainstream, and players are slowly becoming familiar with this new concept. The future is likely to bring new innovations and new applications for this technology.

However, there are ups and downs, like the Axie Infinity hack that resulted in the company losing $ 625 million. Nonetheless, kind of seduces and each community knows how to remain faithful to future projects.

play to win

The goal is to create a parallel economy where everyone is free whether they want to sell their NFTs or not. This is an integral part of the gameplay. On most platforms, NFTs act as the currency for these games, but on others they are fully integrated into the game mechanics to make them more accessible to players and make the concept more exciting.

They also provide a form of social interaction between players, which is an important aspect of the game. The player can potentially be rewarded with an NFT on each win, and he does the most addicting game but also advantageous. This concept appeals to many players hoping to build a portfolio and turn it into a parallel economy by playing to earn money (Play to Earn).

However, the vision of this new concept is still controversial. In 2020, South Korea passed a law that prevents app stores from offering downloadable versions of games that can earn money. money games.

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Another example comes from developer Valve, which has banned cryptocurrencies and NFT-based games from its Steam platform, considering them a game of chance. More recently, many gamers have raised concerns about developer control over the gaming economy as an industry. it requires stricter regulation.

Game of 2022: Battle Infinity

Of course, NFT games are still in their infancy. So this year, a new game called Battle Infinity should see the light of day. It is currently running a presale via its IBAT token, collecting over $ 600,000 in 10 days.

it fantasy league match take place in the Metaverse. The goal is to create your team and then compare it with other players. Likewise, you can collect in-game items in the form of NFTs to upgrade your team. There will also be a leaderboard and the ability to interact with players.

While there is still no clear answer to all the intricacies of this future game, enthusiasm because such an adventure looks impressive. Will Battle Infinity be the successor to Axie Infinity? The odds are good!

It is difficult to determine what it will be like the future of games but we are likely to find more and more Metaverse and NFT in this landscape. Of course, the regulations on this issue need to be improved.

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