good investment in the crypto winter?


It is a time of uncertainty, doubt and fear for many consumers, but a great opportunity for others. In this note we explain what NFTs are, how many people buy them and if it is a good investment for them. crypto winter.

In the cryptocurrency market, we can find different types of assets that make up the set of assets of the cryptocurrency market. cryptocurrencies.

Well-known NFTs or non-fungible tokens are virtual representations of various types of unique real-world assets.

Blockchain allows NFTs to be publicly authenticated without a central authority and to act as a digital signature to certify ownership and originality.

Good time for the NFT market?

The NFT market is one of the components of the cryptocurrency market, although the form of operation differs from cryptocurrencies, it is not independent of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Market advantages NFT in 2021 it was exponential as it made a profit of $ 1 billion since 2021.


In recent months, the earnings of the non-fungible token market have dropped by more than 50%, if we analyze the earnings of OpenSea, one of the largest cryptocurrency markets, we can see that its earnings from May to today have fallen by more than the 75%.

who Interacting with NFTs?

Within the market of NFT We will be able to find different agents to intervene, on the one hand the consumers who are the ones who buy and sell NFT.

Instead we find the creators of NFT and the different platforms of the NFT or market NFT., one of the leading exchanges in the region, has a NFT Marketplace where users can find different ways to buy and sell.

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Phemex is another international exchange that has taken steps with various crypto artists and has also listed various tokens on its platform.

Phemex is one of the largest international exchanges with over 250 different types of cryptocurrencies.

We can conclude that the cryptocurrency winter affects all the markets that make up the cryptocurrency ecosystem, from the DeFi cryptocurrency projects, the traditional cryptocurrency market to the NFT markets.

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