Hack: Solana Labs answer!


After the hacking of the Solana blockchain, which particularly affected the users of the Phantom wallet, Solana Labs, the brain behind the Solana blockchain also wanted to speak. According to the labs, the network was not to blame for this hack.

A brief introduction to hacking

In an article published this morning, we revisited the hack that just hit the Solana blockchain. Following the revelations of some users of the Solana app, several Twitter investigators went in search of information.

It soon became clear that almost $ 8 million was stolen. About an attack that probably resulted in a lot of private keys being recovered. This hack will affect 5 to 8000 wallets. If Phantom and Slope, the main affected applications, responded, no one is talking about an internal error. Note that inactive portfolios (more than 6 months inactive) seem to suffer more than others.

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Solana also pleads not guilty!

Through a spokesperson, Solana Labs states: “this is not a test‘does not weigh on the Solana network. If the defense seems very easy to some, even the laboratories do not come up with the names of the possible culprits.

OtterSec, a Solana security and audit firm, said last night that more than 5,000 Solana wallets were affected by the hack. As also noted on several Twitter accounts, OtterSec’s results are somewhat similar. They also stress the nature of piracy: mass compromise of private keys. In support of this theory, all players claim that dubious transactions are signed by their owners.

The flaw and the origin of this large-scale piracy have not yet been clarified. It is safe to say that all the actors will continue to plead innocent. Unless one of the many aspiring investigators on Twitter manages to separate fact from fiction.

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In any case, all participants will continue to work together to better understand what happened yesterday on the Solana blockchain. The news of this hack also affected the price of Solana (SOL). Among the top 20 tokens, it is the only one with losses.

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