Hedera: what you need to know about HBAR performance


hedera [HBAR] a public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network supported by a Hashgraph consensus algorithm. While recording some declines, the Hedera blockchain made significant progress in the last quarter compared to the trend in the first quarter of the year.

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Hedera: Decline in market capitalization

The Hedera network was not immune from losses as it also recorded a 71% decrease its market capitalization.

Hedera native cryptocurrency HBAR finally found a new low after months of bearish performance, hitting a low near $ 0.060 in June and testing the same support line again during the first trading week of July, reveals the token after a performance. relatively dormant in the last few days. now the signs of a great movement.

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HBAR was trading at $ 0.067 at the time of writing, not too far from its support line on the charts. He has struggled to gather enough bullish momentum for a significant rally in the past few days, hence his sideways movement. relatively low volume taken the first week of July.

As a result, the coin ended the quarter at an index price of $ 0.060 per HBAR coin. Again according to Santiment’s on-chain data, the most recent quarter Currency of the HBAR saw a 15% drop in the share of HBAR parts supply held by its whales.

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Grid development activity, on the other hand, increased by 13%.

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