Hello Kitty joins the Metaverse!


Now it’s done, Hello Kitty and her five friends. will enter the world of the web3 this summer thanks to the collaboration between Sanrio and RECUR.

Collection called Hello Kitty and Friends it will consist of 10,000 NFTs. The presale will take place on August 24, to the public – the next day.

To adventure!

The Hello Kitty and Friends project aims at unique concept to their owners based on adventure and exploration.

So Hello Kitty and her friends will act as tour guides. Individuals with these NFTs can collect unique digital items by participating in various challenges. in eight cities around the world. Please note, however, that two of these eight cities are only available to RECUR pass holders.

Cities affected not yet revealed, but it will be closer to the launch of the collection. Therefore, we will learn more about this NFT game in the coming weeks. business goes on!

Greetings for Hello Kitty … and for the network 3

The recent emergence of similar projects in web3 beneficial in many ways.

The first for web3 is contributes significantly to its democratization. The incorporation of such well-known and beloved names into the “classical world” makes this new universe a significant focal point.

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In this particular case, for example, the most passionate fans of the Hello Kitty franchise will surely recognize this project and only this canwhet their curiosity.

And outside the project, some of these enthusiasts will inevitably take an interest in web3 and how it works. They originally came for this collection eventually it will be left to technology and innovation through the Internet3.

As for Hello Kitty, web3 can bring a touch of modernity in its imageand offer completely new possibilities in terms of concepts and events.

Of course, the financial advantage is also very important, as NFT collections can bring a lot if they are successful (see Nickelodeon’s recent Ox and Hey Arnold! 2000 ETH on OpenSea).

In short, the fact that more and more large franchises are entering this sector benefits both sides. That’s why we’ve seen more and more of them try these experiences lately, and they’re generally well received … as long as you do things the way they should be. This is where companies like RECUR come into play.

RECUR, the name that stands out against the background of Web3

If you are interested in web3 and NFT in particular, the name is RECUR Don’t be a stranger to yourself.

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In fact, RECUR is positioned as “Your portal to the Metaverse“More recently, they have teamed up with Nickelodeon to launch their NFT collection which, as mentioned, has been a huge success.

Partnerships have also been signed with Care Bears (les Bisounours in French) and Star Trek, which will be announced at a later date. future collections in the same direction like Hello Kitty or Nickelodeon.

RECUR clearly wants establish itself as a leading intermediary between these iconic web2 and web3 brands so that they can integrate properly.

The presence of such an intermediary is more than necessary for those brands that want to join the movement, since Web3 is still a new world, but which one? has its own codes.

Many brands want to capitalize on this, but few know how to properly understand this digital revolution. The presence of companies like RECUR will allow them to do this. make the transition smooth and authentic.

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