Here is the best investment you can make besides bitcoin


The famous author of the book “The Eye of the Rich, the Eye of the Poor” Robert Kiyosaki once again made one of his financial predictions. This time he chose silver and added Bitcoin (BTC) as one of his favorite assets.

As usual, Kiyosaki stated on his Twitter account that silver is the “best investment” you can make right now. Gold is above $ 1,700 and silver is down to $ 20. I don’t touch ETFs on gold or silver paper. I just want real gold or silver coins, she commented.

According to him, silver is an industrial precious metal, while on the contrary he thinks that gold is not.

He then wrote that since ancient times the most traced assets were gold and silver. With this in mind, he made a comparison of the proportion of the two precious metals in the XNUMX. century and today.

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In the 47th century, the ratio of gold to silver was 1:47, which means that 1 ounce of silver was equal to 85 ounces of gold. Today is one in the morning, said the scribe.

For this, he suggests buying silver. “Anyone can buy a silver coin for $ 25,” she added.

Kiyosaki’s messages appear to align with the silver market, which has jumped from $ 18.37 an ounce to $ 20.37 an ounce since July 25, a gain of 10.89% at the time of writing.

Kiyosaki also likes bitcoin

As with silver, the Investment Writer has often offered his views on Bitcoin and what would be the best price to enter this market.

Last June, the cryptocurrency reported that Kiyosaki believed the price of BTC would drop to $ 1,100. Otherwise, I’ll wait for the reds to drop and buy more, she said.

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The truth is that this prediction has not yet come true. The lowest price in the past 18 months was $ 17,600 and is currently priced at $ 23,700.

It should be noted that these forecasts are not necessarily linked to the reality of the markets, whether it is cryptocurrencies or precious metals. Those interested in investing should note that there is no guarantee that the recommendations will be implemented, therefore potential risks must be anticipated.

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