How to get it and what are its advantages?



The #Binance card is now available in Argentina. Gradual departure on 7.7. Moving on to the rest next week or so. Soon other regions. #to build

CZ Binance (@cz_binance) July 24, 2022

How to get it

In principle, an account registered with the Binance Exchange is required to access the Binance Card. To apply for a Binance card, it is required through the official website and requires identity verification. For access, a PIN code is configured to make the physical card work, the address to which the card is sent is verified and some personal information is requested.

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What are the benefits ?

According to Criptonoticas, it is a prepaid card allows you to make payments at any physical store or online store that accepts MasterCard debit or credit cards. The Binance website explains that this product allows the user to store cryptocurrencies in Binance’s fund wallet and the platform will automatically convert them into a lot of money upon payment. It works like other cards already available in Argentina such as Lemon or Belo.

Furthermore, Binance Card offers up to 8% BNB cryptocurrency cashback on every purchase you make. Binance prepaid card allows purchases of up to 90,000 pesos per day and 360,000 pesos per month. A maximum of 45,000 pesos per day or 180,000 pesos per month can be withdrawn from ATMs.

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The first Binance card is free, but if the user needs a replacement, they must pay the issuing fee. A fee of up to 0.9% is charged for each transaction (including ATM purchases and withdrawals). No fees for inactivity or account termination.

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