How to participate in the cryptocurrency presale?


The world of cryptocurrencies is full of possibilities. A presale is one that allows you to invest in a project at a bargain price right from the start, hoping for good added value over time. So how do you participate in a cryptocurrency presale?

What is a cryptocurrency presale?

The cryptocurrency presale is an opportunity for the company or teams behind the blockchain project. finance its development. This is the stage that precedes the general sale to the general public and allows investors to buy the token frequently. Cheaper but usually also in limited quantities. The duration of this pre-sale and distribution to each investor depends on the projects.

Presale of cryptocurrencies opportunities present but also them part of the risk. Really relatively young projects It is also important to be well informed as well Manage your risk limit unpleasant surprises.

How to participate: Battle Infinity example

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is Fantasy sports game platform Play to earn money. The concept is simple, you can explore the world, interact with other players and have fun just like in a classic game. You will be able to compete with players from all over the world immersive metaverse.

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Vision of project teams – implementation new revolution in the traditional world of the gambling industry, connecting the game, the metaverse and the blockchain. Way to take advantage of it decentralization and gives users and developers real control over the game and its components.

There is nothing easier than participating in a sale. All you have to do is go to the pre-sale page of IBAT, the native token of the project, and follow the various steps.

First, to buy tokens, you need to have a Metamask-type crypto wallet. Once you are on the presale page, you can link your wallet and switch to the BSC chain. To buy the tokens it is necessary Have BNB in ​​your metamask in advance. To do this, you can purchase it via the DEX or a major centralized exchange such as Binance, FTX or Coinbase. Then you can proceed with the purchase, with minimum 0.1 BNB and maximum 500 BNB.

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Presale operation (source

Once the transaction is confirmed, You will have tokens in your wallet. Nothing is easier if you want to join the adventures of Battle Infinity. What the presale ends in 77 days do not hesitate if the project interests you.

The terms of the presale depend on the project, but are often similar to what we know here. You really need a loaded wallet to make purchases. Many websites or resources allow you to search best presale and follow the news in this particular area of ​​the cryptocurrency industry. So you are guaranteed not to miss anything. The best cryptocurrency presale.

To learn more about presales, read our article here.

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