Is it always interesting to invest in the same coins?


Same angles cryptocurrency category that originally were intended to defuse the atmosphere or fill social networks with new jokes, are now an integral part of the cryptosphere.

Once considered useless, now every meme project on the corner tries propose a concept It’s more than just a corner gift for gallery entertainment. It therefore becomes difficult to perceive coin memes as simple projects without purpose, since they are now all based on cutting-edge developments with a real roadmap.

Start of Mem coins

It all started with an idea arrangement of altcoins, those cryptocurrencies that are trying to compete with Bitcoin, such as Ethereum or Ripple. Therefore, the coin memes were created for the sole purpose of showing that any cryptocurrency can exist.

It was the first of its kind Dogecoin and then the Shiba Inu, this corner meme with this famous dog so loved by the canine world. While the concept initially offered nothing feasible, it has grown into its own ecosystem, with even celebrities embracing the phenomenon.

Dogecoin has become a project supported and promoted by billionaire Elon Musk, give legitimacy. Additionally, its integration as a means of payment by SpaceX, Tesla, or The Boring Company has shown that these coin memes can be more than just a joke that gets nowhere.

Also, coin memes have a lot of potential within them. the ability to unite society. In fact, memes are known to be relatively popular on social media, so it goes without saying that a project that combines meme and potential utility is lively, engaging, and therefore has every chance of working.

Tamadoge latest meme coin project

So Tamadoge is a new project Mix games and tamagotchi These toys popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Despite being a Tamadoge Coin Meme (TAMA), it offers the opportunity to get an NFT based on these creatures who are Tamagotchi and thus participate in the development of a virtual world: Tamaverse

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Thanks to your partner named Tamadoge, you can compete with players from all over the world to earn tokens since it is a game to earn (P2E). Tamadoge is News in the Dogecoin ecosystem. To go even further, you can also evolve your Tamadoge to improve it.

It will be under consideration 2 million TAMA tokens in general with the burning system 5% for each purchase. This method allows to reduce the total quantity in circulation and therefore technically increase the price. The presale has started very recently, will last a few days and will continue for a few more weeks.

To buy this cryptocurrency, you need a wallet such as MetaMAsk or TrustWallet. This should be emphasized Minimum order $ 10 not to mention the transaction fees, which are 5% of the total number of tokens purchased.

Why invest in meme coins?

Angular memes have gone through the current Angular phase just because it’s funny. Now these are full-fledged projects with a strong community as well growing legitimacy Day after day.

You just have to take a look at Tamadoge to see how these coins have evolved into a true full-fledged cryptocurrency. While it’s clear that not all projects are viable or viable (as is the case with any cryptocurrency), there is certainly room for improvement. attractive and profitable development opportunities.

The future of monetary memes?

Future of meme coins? These questions seem vague and too complex to answer at this time, but they have potential, especially with the imminent emergence of the Metaverse. Finally, the Metaverse wants to be the future of the Internet, a new way of understanding the web using new technologies to maintain social connections.

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However, in this future on our doorstep, meme corners could be fuel for the metaverse, just as today’s memes can be found by millions of people on social media or in many social circles on the internet.

As a result, coin memes are a possibility that cannot be ignored. It is difficult to say what the future will be like. However, don’t neglect to invest in projects that you trust and that you believe have future prospects or opportunities to make a profit in the short or long term.

After all, the coins themselves are independent cryptocurrencies that need to be analyzed, like any other asset in the cryptosphere, and therefore it is always interesting to invest in them when considering the profitable projects, as the cryptocurrency industry is young. It’s only the beginning!

The Metaverse is likely to be great influence in the future to the virtual world of tomorrow. It therefore remains to be seen whether meme corners will become an important element in web3 or if they will continue to exist only for the entertainment of the gallery. However, as new projects become more complex and specific, coin memes will remain in the cryptocurrency environment for a long time to come.

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