Kucoin allows fractional purchases of NFT BAYC


A useful and inclusive initiative

If the Bored Ape collection has now established itself as Iconic collection in the NFT world and its popularity continues to grow, it is still too expensive.

With the current minimum price of 86 ETH (nearly $ 130,000), this collection is not only accessible to a few peoplewhich can be frustrating for NFT enthusiasts looking to join this now popular community.

For this reason, many attempts at theft have been recorded around this project. So much so that its founders, Yuga Labs, had no choice but to do so. sound the alarm on twitter.

The Kucoin platform, aware of this problem, has decided to create an innovative and still underutilized initiative: NFT division.

Thereby Significantly reduced barrier to entrybecause from the collection it will be possible to obtain fractions for 2 NFT and at a negligible price: 0.13 USDT.

To do this, the 2 NFTs in question, BAYC # 5066 and BAYC # 8669, are divided into 1,000,000 plots called hiBAYC per Total 2,000,000 units.

Furthermore, in addition to the benefits this approach offers financially, Kucoin is also proud highly accessible, simplified and centralized experienceso that beginners do not have to face the slightest inconvenience on the network.

Finally, note that these NFTs can traded directly on the Kucoin marketand is in multiple pairs to offer its owners maximum liquidity and opportunity.

The first to enter is the first to go out

This initiative, already started from 12:00, ends this Friday at 12:00. This event will be held on a first-come, first-served basis, which means the best way to ensure you receive a hiBAYC token is to register as soon as possible.

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The platform promises many other benefits

Aside from the benefit of joining the Bored Ape Yacht Club and its ecosystem at a (significantly) discounted price, these NFT factions should be included. other benefits for its ownersAccording to Kucoin’s official statement.

One of the platform’s advertised benefits is participation exclusive event. This is called “Learn to Make Money” and involves demonstrating your knowledge of common NFTs in exchange for a reward.

During this event, the prize pool is 250,000 hiBAYC which is a quarter of BAYC. Therefore, you have the opportunity to win some of this, provided you answer correctly !

A process destined to evolve

Although Kucoin first implemented the NFT division on its platform, this is not the case. not the first time that such a method is used.

Last March it was an Azuki project that the potential of this approach is realized and who used it.

During this experiment, the NFT was Azuki # 40. divide by 20,000 fractionscalled Bob. Each of these “Bobu” factions can be resold on OpenSea and used as an NFT Twitter profile picture.

Additionally, these parts of the NFT have given their owners access to the official Discord of the Azuki project. all of this, without having to pay a huge amountwhile the minimum collection price is around 30 ETH at the corresponding time (by the way, at a higher price than ETH).

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If this initiative is becoming increasingly democratic, it is because it is beneficial in many waysfor both users and creators of the collection in question.

When a collection’s reserve price is excessive and out of reach for most, NFT splitting is ideal as it allows for people who want it. Join the community for less money.

On the part of the creators, this allows them to do soreach as many people as possible even if the minimum price of the project usually does not allow it. This helps democratize collections and can be particularly useful for projects that create a true ecosystem around their collection, such as B.Doodles or BAYC.

Indeed, if BAYC is unattainable today, the Otherdeed for Otherside collection, for example, is far less relevant. And users who have bought stock in BAYC could very well do so. recognize it from this.

So using the NFT sharing system allows you to introduce new people to the whole ecosystem without spending too much. as sample. In a word, everyone finds his account!

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