Last “last rinse” before returning?


According to the CEO of the financial advisory firm deVere Group, the end of the cryptocurrency winter is near. However, we must deal with a further and definitive drop in prices. The CEO of the deVere group also noted that investors should consider bitcoin (BTC) as it is a quality asset.

The CEO of the deVere group is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies

Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, recently provided an update on the state of the cryptocurrency market. He said the market has been hit by a wave of investor discouragement in recent months, fueled by inflation, the global geopolitical situation and the global economic recession, among other things.

According to Nigel, the cryptocurrency market is around the corner, perhaps in a small and definitive dip before a huge price hike towards the end of the year. Therefore, the CEO of the deVere group remains optimistic about the long-term situation of the cryptocurrency.

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Additionally, Nigel Green encourages investors Enter the Bitcoin (BTC) market. because it is part of a quality commodity and is currently cheap. He added that there is a good chance that Bitcoin (BTC) will see less volatility in the coming months.

According to him, Bitcoin (BTC) remains the best performing cryptocurrency of the last 10 years, although it has already lost 50% of its value gained in November 2021. more regular and continuous for Bitcoin in the coming months.

The end of the cryptocurrency winter is near, according to the CEO of the deVere group, but prices are expected to drop one last time. Additionally, Nigel Green said investors are less skeptical of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin (BTC).

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Source: Hodl newspaper

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