LBLOCK V2 hits MEXC and rises to $ 0.0049 at the open! –


Just arrived on the MEXC exchange platform that LBLOCK V2 already talks about. In fact, it has only been trading for a few hours on MEXC, it has already risen in price due to growth priced at $ 0.004999 almost from the opening.

Exciting start

Just a few days after appearing on some centralized platforms like LBank and now MEXC, the Lucky Block cryptocurrency is gaining momentum. For a while it was trading even today. over 400% its original price on LBank.

It appears that the LBLOCK V2 token is breaking records with each new centralized exchange it joins. It certainly is cheap about the future of this corner in the coming days and weeks.

It is worth mentioning that the MEXC exchange is the 18th largest in Europe in terms of trading volume. According to CoinMarketCap, the trading volume in the past 24 hours was $ 1,126,372,022.

BLOCK V2 uses the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC20 standard, as opposed to its V1 version, which uses Binance Smart Chain. The strength of this change is the absence of transaction taxes for LBLOCK V2, unlike LBLOCK V1, for which they are 12%. In turn, LBLOCK V2 is not eligible for the Lucky Block jackpot.


Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

All LBLOCK V1 investors are looking forward to the bridge

All LBLOCK V1 investors can transfer their tokens to LBank or even MEXC. However, such a transfer will result in the loss of the V1 token as these exchange platforms use the V2 token and it impossible to send a BEP20 (LBLOCK V1) token to an ERC20 contract.

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So investors become obvious benefit from higher prices LBLOCK V2, as soon as the bridge that allows you to migrate from one version to another, will be available and fully operational within a few weeks.

Currently, the accounting firm under the name Sertik (approved by Binance) conducts security tests of this bridge to ensure that all users can use it safely. Therefore, the release date of the bridge is still unknown.

It should be noted that this is a useful tool, however relatively vulnerable, For example, Axie Infinity lost $ 650 million due to a bridge breach. Because of their operation, bridges require a significant amount of money to operate, making them a prime target for attackers.

Not only is Lucky Block already available on MECX and LBank, but it is rumored to be in talks with other centralized exchanges to appear on them in the coming weeks and months. What is it potentially further increase the price of this asset.

Lucky Block price in the coming weeks?

When LBLOCK V2 briefly peaked $ 0.0049 Traders will identify this level as the next bullish challenge. Hence, as the Lucky Block breaks the two major resistances very quickly, the bulls are looking forward to the next announcements that could redefine the asset’s price.

Furthermore, short traders are profiting at the time of this writing which should contribute further indirectly to the price of this coin. In particular, there is a mass purchase about $ 0.0030 which prevents the Lucky Block from dropping from that value.

Buying LBLOCK V2 via the MEXC platform is very easy if you have an account there. What you expert or absolute beginner, With a few clicks you too can invest in this corner at any time.

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Upcoming Lucky Block projects support asset pricing

In addition to the two current versions, and in particular LBLOCK V2, which favor the exchange and help the development of the currency on centralized exchange platforms, the Lucky Block team other upcoming projects.

Actually last week Competitive NFT platform was briefly announced. This is right after adding the ability to vote for charity during the jackpot draw. Therefore, many prizes will be raffled off on this NFT competition platform, such as: B. $ 1 million in Bitcoin, home, NFT BAYC, World Cup tickets and more.

To enter the competition you need to purchase an NFT from a collection in excellent condition for this lot. Even without winning the jackpot, you still get Reward as long as you are the owner of the purchased NFT.

Obviously this new platform arouses the curiosity of investors and it is likely that this will affect the price of LBLOCK after its release. The concept is original and could lead to similar projects in the future, always inspired by Lucky Block.

LBLOCK has already reached + 250% when he joined LBank and therefore continues to grow from platform to platform. There’s a good chance he’ll be coming to that corner in the next few weeks. available on other exchanges.

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