LBLOCK V2 is available on LBank!


The listing of LBLOCK V2 on LBank, announced a few weeks ago, has entered into force. This new version aims to increase the liquidity of the project by facilitating trading on centralized exchanges.

V2 LBLOCK available on LBank!

We told you about it earlier this month when LBank announced the future listing of V2 LBLOCK. Now it’s done. In particular, this second version of the token does not replace the first. Therefore, there are now 2 tokens in the Lucky Block ecosystem: V1 and V2. Version V1 is BEP-20 token operating on the BNB network. It still allows you to win prizes and participate in various lotteries.

V2 enabled ERC-20 token used to exchange the token via central exchanges. This token is best suited for day trading and speculation on various centralized exchanges such as LBank.

Impact on the LBLOCK token?

V1 and V2 store the same character: LBLOCK. Both versions of the asset will continue to maintain a parity level of 1 to 1. In particular, the hit and ignite mechanics are used to maintain this parity between the two versions.

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The V2 listing of this token is quite positive for the LBLOCK project. And for many reasons. First, it opens the door to listing on new centralized exchanges. And it could eventually pave the way for more profitable centralized exchanges like the Binance platform. In addition, the V2 listing will ensure maximum visibility of the LBLOCK token and the Lucky Block project. It might help somehow increases the liquidity of the token.

Be that as it may, the implementation of this V2 will not affect the LBLOCK price for the moment. No wonder you know it’s been in the public domain for weeks. Ultimately, this seemingly insignificant event could act as a stimulus for the return of the property. An asset that has lost almost 90% of its value in recent months. For new buyers, the LBLOCK unit price remains ten times higher during the presale period. At the time of writing, the LBLOCK token is trading at $ 0.001051.

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Lucky Block will soon be listed on the new CEX exchange!

By promoting this V2, the owners of the Lucky Block project are opening the doors to listing on new centralized exchanges. On August 1st, the LBLOCK token will be available on the MEXC exchange.

Launched in 2018, the MEXC exchange has over 6 million users worldwide. It is already available in over 200 countries. In terms of trading volume, it processes roughly the same number of trades per day as LBank. For daily trading volumes that often exceed $ 1 billion. Other exchanges may also announce the listing of LBLOCK in the coming weeks.

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