Lucky Block (LBLOCK) will be listed on the MEXC platform from August 1st.


Lucky Block (LBLOCK), a global cryptocurrency gaming platform, is eligible for a second CEX list after LBank. The token, in fact, will be registered on MEXC from 1 August. Recall that LBLOCK is also on DEX PancakeSwap.

The LBLOCK token reached its highest level in the first quarter of 2022 at $ 0.0097 on the day of its launch on LBank. namely, its first centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

LBLOCK investors can see a similar price hike and uptrend as the token becomes available on more than one CEX platform. Keep in mind that, like most altcoins, LBLOCK followed the broader trends in the cryptocurrency market in 2022.

Lucky Block offers its users the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes, and NFT holders get free access to the NFT first prize forever. Tickets to the main competition cost $ 1 and the minimum purchase is $ 5. Additionally, any $ 500 LBLOCK holder can request a free ticket up to 24 hours before the competition. Please also note that you can also register for correspondence competitions (conditions apply).

Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

The MEXC exchange lists the LBLOCK token

MEXC was founded in 2018 and has over six million registered investors. Additionally, the exchange is open to more than 200 countries, including the United States and Australia.

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MEXC offers its users the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies, but it also uses other financial instruments such as derivatives or “spot trading” with leverage up to 125x. In addition to the elements mentioned above, there is also a “profit” program that includes staking and mining.

MEXC Exchange, also known as MEXC Global, offers a 1000 USDT sign-up bonus to perform various activities on its trading platform and also supports copying of trades.

In response to the recent listing, Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder said:

“We are very pleased to announce the listing of LBLOCK on MEXC on August 1st. With a trading volume of over $ 700 million in 24 hours, MEXC is a major player among centralized exchanges. This is the first result of the launch of our V2 token, the latter is conducive to centralized exchanges and we need to make more announcements. “

Scott Ryder also continues:

“After our listings in July and August, we expect significant cash inflows into LBLOCK. The price of LBLOCK is likely to skyrocket as traditional listing announcements on new platforms ensure increased purchase volume. It is important to note that even as we start rolling out new products and features, our ecosystem will continue to deliver high-quality cryptocurrency games and its recognition and public acceptance will continue to grow. “

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LBLOCK recently completed a rigorous audit trail and released an update to its V2 token which allows for a quicker listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Lucky Block management is currently in talks with other platforms and announcements of future listings are expected upon arrival at MEXC.

Sign up for Telegram Lucky Block to stay up to date with the latest announcements. Also feel free to join the Discord server to chat and ask questions of other investors! If you wish to purchase LBLOCK, please note that as of Wednesday 14th July, one LBLOCK is trading at $ 0.0008209.

Cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

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