Merger Coming, ETH Price Rising


After years of waiting,Ethereum is finally receiving this long awaited update next month. The goal is to give Ethereum a new boost by focusing on new technologies. The merger is intended to mark the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake.

This big breakthrough for the second cryptocurrency on the market should give it a good boost. And it has been that way ever since Ethereum has gained 14% in price over the past few months. This is a very good sign as The Merge is expected to be available in August / September.

Why is Proof of Stake (PoS) so expected in Ethereum?

PoS is a mechanism for approving cryptocurrency transactions. He much lower power consumption supported by a decentralized system. All new cryptocurrencies use it due to its clear advantage over the Proof-of-Work system.

PoS is better, faster and cheaper

Ethereum is facing more and more competitors. The latter could outshine everyone if it doesn’t pick up speed quickly. While it is currently the best when it comes to smart contracts, you have to be careful not to be overtaken!

PFBT mechanisms or mechanisms joined TechPay DAG Consensus watching the cryptocurrency giant. The TechPay coin is even called the Ethereum killer thanks to its much better advanced technology.

So the Ethereum upgrade isn’t so much a big improvement as it is a real challenge to keep cryptocurrency in working condition.

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If Ethereum makes the transition, it will ensure that it has many more good years ahead of it. In a successful union, you may see An increase in the value of the cryptocurrency, which could rise to X10 in the coming years.

If you want to follow the change in the price of Ethereum, visit our cryptocurrency prices page in real time.

The developers finalize the final details of The Merge

Tim Beiko, one of the main developers of the project, provided the final details before the final test phase. The latest PoS-Tesnet transition is taking place on Goerli’s testnet.

Goerli is a simulation that comes very close to what the Ethereum blockchain could be. After this testing phase, you can start the merge project.

At the moment, the first update will be released on August 4, 2022. It aims to prepare the test phase for Goerli.

Ethereum sees a rebound in price predictions and challenges

The merger is Ethereum’s biggest change from its inception. This change should have been made 7 years ago.

Despite investor disappointment, the past few months have not stopped Ethereum from growing.

There are currently 13.1 million ETH on the Beacon network. This is more than $ 21 billion.

What Investors get a respectable annualized return (APY) of 4.6%.. However, it should be noted that the latter, unfortunately, will not be able to withdraw their funds for several months after the merger.

If we look more globally, Ethereum is doing well. What The cryptocurrency markets are doing great, contrary to analysts’ expectations. Ethereum prices are rising significantly and the trend will not change.

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Investing in Ethereum seems, given the circumstances, good value for money for many years.

How easy is it to buy ETH?

If you want invest in ethereum Its lift is very easy to use. Here is a quick guide to help you get started buying cryptocurrency:

  • Registration : Register on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. You are spoiled for choice between sites like Binance, Coinbase or that we recommend. You will need to enter your email address, password and finally your personal information.
  • confirmation of registration A: You must verify your identity to protect your data. Verification is necessary to ensure healthy exchanges between interested parties.
  • Deposit funds A: This involves funding your account in order to trade it for cryptocurrency. In this case, you want to trade your funds with Ethereum. All you have to do is click “Deposit” to transfer funds from your bank account or card.
  • buy cryptocurrency : Find Ethereum in the directory and click “Buy” when done!

Now you have invested in Ethereum and its new Proof-of-Stake system ! If you want to know more about buying cryptocurrencies, visit our detailed information page at this address.

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