Metaverse vs Multiverse: What’s the Difference?


The digital world is changing at a breakneck pace, with the emergence of new advances. In particular, we have seen the emergence Terms of the metaverse and the multiverse that catch everyone’s attention.

But the latter, however, are a reformulation of words that we have known for some time. in a metaverse from a novel written in 1992. Neil Stephenson. The multiverse is defined as a set of similar worlds.

To help you better understand their application in video gamesread this article to the end!

Metaverse: Zuckerberg’s new favorite … but not only

The idea for the Metaverse only really came about after Facebook changed its name to “Meta”. Mark Zuckerberg is convincedtalks about the future of the digital world and make every effort to achieve it.

He said:

The Metaverse is not exclusive to our company, it is the next chapter in the world of the Internet … Our goal is to develop the technology needed to bring the Metaverse to life.

Although the Metaverse race was created by Zuckerberg, it has won more than once. Currently, All companies invest a lot make the transition to the Metaverse.

This is an exceptional opportunity to attract and retain an increasingly demanding clientele.

Metaverse in concrete form

But even if we may have a vague idea of ​​what it is, understanding it in practice is another story altogether.

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The metaverse is defined as a referenced virtual world full interaction between people and the digital world. Therefore, the Metaverse video game breaks the boundary between the real and the virtual.

Our social network avatar can be played in the game, we can try on clothes for ourselves, buy an item in the Metaverse game and get it from us.

In the end, everything is perfectly connected. The Metaverse offers the ability to travel between different universes and interfaces without leaving the central platform.

You no longer have to switch back and forth between Facebook, Instagram, your favorite clothing apps and meet up with friends at your hometown café. All of this will become possible once connected to the Metaverse!

Multiverse, already updated

Today you are surrounded by the Multiverse! Is simple synonymous with omnichannel.

If you log into Instagram to check out a brand and then go to their online store to buy, it’s already a multiverse in a digital sense!

So, this is the beginning of a metaverse with a similar system, but not yet connected by a common interface.

you would understand the metaverse is a logical extension tries to link all interfaces together so that they become one entity. This makes the user’s journey a lot easier in every way.

There are already surprising uses for the Metaverse in video games. Battle Infinity project aims to create a fully connected ecosystem for gamers.

It is a fantasy sports game that allows players to navigate in an open world. This has its own IBAT token, This allows players to exchange resources and items obtained in the game for real money.

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The Battle Infinity team wanted to push the concept of fantasy sports to the limit. In particular, you can collect cards from real players in the form of NFTs and exchange them with other people.

What The value of these cards depends in part on the player’s performance. in real games.

Battle Infinity attracts investors

We already see that the boundary between the virtual world and the real world is blurring. Battle Infinity is a very ambitious project attracts crowds.

The presale has already reached over $ 800,000 raised in ten days! This equates to a total of 3,000 BNB out of the 16,500 available for this presale.

You can invest in the Battle Infinity Metaverse game.

It has very low price of $ 0.0015 per token, this is an opportunity not to be missed. To invest in the Battle Infinity Token, all you need to do is link your MetaMask or TrustWallet to the Binance Smart Chain.

Then go to the official presale page to purchase your first tokens.

With this investment You can expect to win up to 10 times your original bet. !

You can find more information on buying cryptocurrencies and tokens on our details page.

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