MineCraft doesn’t care about NFTs


Minecraft is a video game created by the Swedish Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang Studios. It is played on a computer, smartphone or console. The player has the opportunity to use a variety of tools to completely and freely build their game world and use them in the game.

Minecraft will have a good reason to abandon NFTs

Minecraft wants to ensure a reliable and inclusive gaming experience for its players. To this end, it warns players and non-fungible token creators (NFTs) not to allow the addition of blockchain technologies to their client and server applications. Minecraft also made it clear that users are not allowed to use game content (worlds, character items, skins, etc.) and the blockchain to create a rare digital asset.

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Minecraft explained that some brands have released NFT implementations that link to Minecraft files. Additionally, products will be introduced that will allow players to, for example, access collectible NFTs or earn Minecraft NFT rewards by performing activities outside of the game.

Minecraft then stated: “Each of these NFT applications and other blockchain technologies creates digital properties based on scarcity and exclusion, which is not consistent with Minecraft’s values ​​of creative inclusion and collaborative play.” NFTs don’t cover our entire community and create a story between who has and who doesn’t.

Minecraft does not want NFTs to be included in the game universe it offers, for the simple reason that it doubts their reliability. He also explained that NFTs are a distraction for players who are only looking for profit. And this is incompatible with the long-term joy and success of its players.

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Source: Minecraft

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