Mushe (XMU) + 932%, Metacraft + 436%, Elio (HNT), Bitcoin SV (BSV)


When market volatility is high, it is important to identify cryptocurrencies that have outperformed the trend and managed to deliver long-term growth despite the market crash. We have identified four tokens that do just that.

Mash (XMU) + 932%

Mushe went on sale on April 18, 2022, and the XMU token has since enjoyed tremendous success with unprecedented growth of 932% since launch. Muschet’s price rose from $ 0.005 to $ 0.0505 and remained stable as surrounding markets collapsed under external pressure.

XMU is an ERC20 token that will also be launched on the Solana and Stellar blockchain networks. The initial success of the XMU token was driven by the brilliant promise of the Mushe World ecosystem, which will include a decentralized wallet to store both major cryptocurrencies and custom tokens, a decentralized exchange called MusheSwap that will allow you to trade more cryptocurrencies to trade blockchain on. diverse and MusheVerse, a metaverse that offers the opportunity to own digital assets and the ability to earn XMU tokens.

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The XMU presale ends July 4th, so hurry up and get started! dirty world participate in the presale and purchase XMU tokens before their launch.

Qualifying XMU purchases made before June 26 will receive up to 20% bonus tokens.

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Metacraft (MCT) + 436.33%

MetaCraft is a blockchain version of Dungeons and Dragon Game that combines gaming, NFT and market aspects. MCT is the native token of the platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).

The game revolves around daily mining, dungeon challenges, team battles and role merging. Players can choose a profession and upgrade their character with various attributes.

Over the past 60 days, MCT has increased by 436.33%.

Helium (HNT) + 41.8%

Over the past 30 days, helium (HNT) has seen a rise in price, recording the strongest rise among the top 50 cryptocurrencies. The recovery caused the HNT token to reverse course and begin to recover some of the value lost during the May stock market crash.

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Helium is a blockchain-based decentralized network that aims to create the largest wireless network in the world.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) + 22.7%

Bitcoin SV is one of the many forks of the godfather of the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency that occurred after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork. BSV aims to provide scalability and stability in line with the original vision of the Bitcoin protocol.

Over the past 30 days, BSV, like HNT, has seen a turnaround and gained momentum, while most other major cryptocurrencies have suffered significant losses. BSV maintained a 22.7% price increase over the previous 30 day period.

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