NFT games: how to recognize a promising project?


NFT games have proliferated to such an extent that it is now difficult to know which projects are promising and which are not. However, some warning signs Don’t be fooled by the potential of a future NFT game.

Even if there is one relatively young niche Since many projects are short-lived, there are some indicators that can help you determine whether a project is profitable or not. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a future NFT game.

Find out how NFT games work

Before looking for a promising project, it is important to do so understand how it works behind such games to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, NFT games are based on blockchain technology and are called Play to Earn (P2E). That is, players usually own everything they receive in the game in the form of NFTs, which they can then resell, hence the “play to win” principle.

This can be the purchase of virtual land, equipment, a hero, a pet, etc. Everything is possible in the form of an NFT earn money later by reselling it.

So this type of game makes money via NFT and, moreover, the game is mainly associated with cryptocurrency, so the story will be more or less important depending on the popularity. Therefore proposes economic ecosystem relatively advanced, which can benefit all parties involved.

Define your criteria for choosing a promising project

A promising project in the world of NFT games is no longer the same depending on your goals. For example, if the question is simply about profitability, even if such a game has only been running for a few weeks, but brings a good profit, it can be considered promising.

So you first need to determine if your only goal is to get rSearch for NFT games pay long term or if you want something more long term. As this environment is relatively young, projects have a short life span on average.

Other than that, of course duration, You also need to be able to appreciate the reality of the project and that it doesn’t die before it even starts, or worse, that it’s not a scam. That’s why there are some indicators that can help you form your own opinion, which we’ll come back to shortly.

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Team responsible for the project

First, you need to be able to decide if you can or not. Trust the team offering this new NFT game. Whether it’s their language, past experience, or even their ambition, you should be able to gauge whether they are realistic about their game and whether their words make sense to you.

Of course, in such a young environment it is difficult to get to know all the players and determine if they already have a solid reputation or not. However, the team that will be most interested develop your game not necessarily thinking only of the economic model, this may indicate that money is not their only goal.

Likewise, a project worthy of the name will always have one clearly articulated roadmap and objectives follow in the coming months. Then, break down what they offer and whether they are fully committed to their goals.

There is also Bodies responsible for verifying the validity of the project And if it’s working. If that organization has already looked into the NFT game you are interested in, this is an added guarantee. Just like an NFT game that will have many partners it will generate more credibility.

enthusiasm of the public

Another good way to determine if a project is popular and therefore potentially profitable is through analysis. enthusiasm of the public. Typically, an NFT game that generates buzz, generates anticipation, technically attracts more players and is therefore more profitable.

Social media, especially Twitter or Discord, is a good indicator to share with people who have a common interest in a particular NFT game while you form your opinion based on the comments you can read there.

⚔️Battle Infinity is a gaming platform that hosts several P2E fighting games integrated into the world of the Metaverse called Battle Arena.


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– IBAT – Battle Infinity (@IBATOFFICIAL) July 26, 2022

Also, an NFT game that wants to logically evolve will always have one online presence to strengthen your image. Therefore, the more subscribers the official accounts have, the more people from near and far countries will be interested in the project, which means it can be promising.

Example with Battle Infinity

Here is an example of the Battle Infinity end point. This is an NFT game that can Be number 1 this year. This is a fantasy league in the Metaverse where players form a team that competes against other players. You can upgrade your heroes with NFT gear right in the game.

While not all is known about Battle Infinity yet, it is currently in pre-order alongside his IBAT token and raised over 4,400 BNB or over $ 1 million in less than two weeks. This certainly indicates interest in this project.

As a bonus Indian development team has many partners it communicates regularly via Twitter and at least one organization checking the status of the project has confirmed that everything is in order. This is a guarantee of trust to avoid any kind of scam where the project just wants to make money and then disappears.

On paper, therefore, Battle Infinity looks like a promising project and why not be the NFT game of the year. Now, of course, it’s up to you to decide whether you think trusting this game is good or not. After all, Battle Infinity should normally appear at the end of the year and the presale lasts 78 more days enough time to think further.

There are currently several NFT games that have a long lifespan as it remains one of them. very young nest. However, Axie Infinity, the 2021 NFT game, remains in place despite its ups and downs.

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