NFT signals: the service starts the month with a bang


NFT Signals is a trading signals services platform designed specifically for the NFT market. It allows its members to practice launching NFTs. Let me remind youinvestment strategy which consists in buying an asset in order to quickly resell it to make a profit.

Since its launch about a month ago, the service has grown steadily thanks to the excellent results and stable profits it brings to service members.

Despite the bear market, the NFT market offers opportunities

Even though the NFT sector has lost much of its value after the bearish trend that has occurred in the cryptocurrency market since the beginning of 2022, The demand is still high. Also, for those who know where to look, there are always plenty of opportunities to make profitable trades.

In general, the art market is a complex sector. The value of an asset, in fact, is extremely subjective, even more so than elsewhere. This value depends on the trends and fashion of the artists, as well as their prices. thereby, come back sometimes stratospheric for those who discover a creator and decide to invest before seeing their work take hold.

This is especially true of the famous digital art collector Pablo Rodriguez Fraile. We remind you over 2000 NFT to date. His collection includes nearly 30 works by Beeple and 70 Pak, both established digital artists in the NFT world.

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In October 2020, Pablo Rodriguez Fraile purchased an approximately 10-second video clip directed by artist Bipple for $ 66,000. This music video was resold in March 2021 for $ 6.6 million.

However, to achieve similar performance, you need to know where to look, as well as being constantly there. This is not always possible for all investors. It’s right here full range of services offered by NFT Signals.

The need or desire to get rich quick often leads inexperienced investors to make serious mistakes. And it does so by making high-risk trades seem like viable options to them when they don’t necessarily have the skills or experience to use them properly.

Multi-digit NFT signals

Not only do we offer you access to the advice of expert investors, the latter are experts in the NFT sector and more generally in cryptocurrencies, The service shows excellent results. It is in time. These excellent results are confirmed by the latest signals from NFT analysts, let’s check it together.

Let’s take the example of the signal from the Yagiverse NFT project. The latter reported a return on investment. just over 28%. This signal was followed by an even more profitable trade for the Office Hours collection. The latter suggested to the group members that they followed the signals earn 68%.

A quick win to prepare for the new month.

August promises incredible returns for our VIP subscribers.

Sign up here: to use

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– NFT signals (@NFTCrypto_io) August 1, 2022

Compared to this first week of August, the buy signals issued by NFT Signals analysts have focused on some NFT collections. We can mention in particular Genesis of the ledger August 3 with a minimum price (reserve price in French) of 0.59 ETH. After being evaluated by the group’s experts, who qualify it as a long-term investment, the manager of NFT Signals also points out:

Personally, I think Ledger is one of the safest investments in this space.

Also pay attention to the purchase signal of the PARTICIPANT collection. The signal was received on Thursday 4th August at a price of 0.019 ETH. A few hours later, it closed at 0.038 ETH. those. almost x2 for the group’s investors.

The easiest way to use these signals is to visit the website. You can then select one of the available offers. Therefore, three formulas are offered: monthly (£ 50), quarterly (£ 75) or yearly (£ 250).

And for the latest NFT releases, be sure to check out the Telegram group and the NFT signals Discord server.

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