NFT will soon be developed by Square Enix and Enjin


Japanese video game publisher Square Enix has partnered with blockchain game company Enjin to release an NFT based on the Final Fantasy franchise. However, NFTs will not only affect digital products.

NFT for Final Fantasy

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII’s release on PlayStation, Square Enix will partner with Enjin to release NFTs based on the game’s universe. physical collectible cards. They will be available from spring 2023. The company has released details on these cards, revealing that each pack comes with a code that can be used to get a unique NFT trading card with polka dot technology.

As for Polkadot, it should be remembered that the blockchain uses a PoS model, which requires little energy to mine cryptocurrency. As for Enjin, CTO Vitek Radomski said the company has been working with Square Enix for several years.

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However, the new contract is very different from the previous one. This time, in fact, the goal is to capitalize on the growing interest of the players. Blockchain and NFT renew your Final Fantasy license.

Finally, remember that NFT is a blockchain token that can be used as proof of ownership of an object. It can be used for both digital items and physical goods. Typically, NFTs are used for digital illustrations, collectibles, profile pictures, and more. In 2021 alone, the size of the NFT market reached $ 25 billion.

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Square Enix and Enjin will create an NFT in honor of the famous Final Fantasy game. However, they won’t be just NFTs. Customers can also afford figurines of characters from the world of video games.

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