No NFT for Minecraft: What Really Happened?


This was just announced by Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft, one of the most popular games of all time sold to Microsoft for over $ 2 billion. it does not use NFT in their game. This applies to both the client side of Minecraft and the server side.

stationary position

While for many users the world of cryptocurrencies, particularly with NFT, seemed perfect for Minecraft, the developers at Mojang took the floor today. give your position to this topic.

For the Mojang studio NFTs are unwanted and they don’t represent the spirit they want to convey through Minecraft. Indeed, NFTs encourage profits and create differences between rich and poor players by encouraging gambling based on speculation. The developers added to their site:

NFTs are taking on the main purpose of Minecraft, which is to provide long-term fun and success for our players. They force you to focus on an investment in the speculative world for profit.

Continuing his post, Mojang talks about companies that have already tried to sell NFTs with Minecraft. In particular, the most famous case is NFT Worlds on Polygon, which sells virtual lands in the form of NFTs, which can then be used on private Minecraft servers. Following this announcement from Mojang, the price of the NFT Worlds (WRLD) asset has changed. dropped by 60%.

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With this stance, Mojang, which is owned by Microsoft, clearly shows that Microsoft supports them in this decision and therefore may have similar thoughts. It is strange that the world of video games is closed to innovation. Especially when you know the excitement these games can create, especially games like Battle Infinity, which has already garnered over $ 600,000 within the first 10 days from the presale. Expected in a few months, a fantasy league game on the Metaverse appears to be trending, although it hasn’t been released yet.

However, Mojang is not the only one opposing NFT, the famous platform. cooking for a couple owned by Valve, categorically rejects all NFT related games. Likewise, Ubisoft, which was looking to enter this market by offering NFT through its Tom Clancy game, was forced to back down.

On the part of NFT Worlds, which was heavily influenced by the Minecraft team’s decision, the developer indicated that the first action would be to try contact Mojang. They hope to understand the reason for their choice and how the Acceptable Use Policy applies to NFT Worlds.

In case Minecraft doesn’t offer them a viable solution, they can turn to a Minecraft game-like engine to continue their project or even Switching from the platform to the service so that developers of other games can use their technology.

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Still an uncertain market

Understanding the decision behind the Mojang team’s choice is not always easy, but at the same time, many projects in the past have encountered difficulties, including Ax of infinity with a burglary that cost him $ 625 million.

However, to close their email on their site, the Minecraft team does not specify this Your choice will be final forever. On the contrary, they take the opportunity to clarify:

We will also closely monitor the evolution of blockchain technology over time to determine whether it will provide a safer experience or practical application in the video game space. However, we currently have no plans to include this technology in Minecraft.

While, on the one hand, social networks like Twitter, Meta or more recently Snapchat are taking over NFTs. As for video games, there seems to be a barrier between the potential that this new technology could have and the fear of undermining user trust.

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