Optimism suggests new updates: Is optimism in the air?


Optimism offers new updatesimportant events that take place in a very particular historical context, with many cryptocurrencies trying to catch up with the horrible crises of the last few weeks.

Investor optimism had been visible for a few days, with large cap cryptocurrencies on positive and upward trajectories. Notably, Bitcoin (BTC) hit a high of $ 24,000 per unit from under 20,000.

In the same direction also Ethereum (ETH) showed a recovery and recently moved above $ 1700 (as explained in yesterday’s preview) and then above $ 1750 per cryptocurrency. And optimism (OP)? What were the differences compared to before?

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Optimism has new updates – here’s what’s new

Beyond the changes in activities to always represent a strong influencer (on all ecosystems with their own purposes and functions), system updates and internal logs are always present. Optimism offers new updatesbut what actually changes?

As reported directly by the development team, this is the latest ecosystem update. bottom rock. During a recent presentation in Paris, a member of the team behind the platform, Kelvin Fitcher, presented the highlights of the update.

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Between most important terms It is clear that the latest update will focus on:

  • on providing new possibilities for all decentralized applications (called DApps) running on Ethereum’s L2;
  • to save gas (as far as possible) when publishing transaction data on Ethereum;
  • on the possibility of doing so even more decentralized systemat unprecedented speed, at a fraction of the cost of the competition, and without interruption.

According to the expert, the update also states this Significantly reduce stacking costs and make sure Ethereum is scalable without compromising decentralization. In other words, an important novelty, which however would not have been free from criticism and criticism from the outside.

Vitalik Buterin (one of the main founders of Ethereum), for example, pointed out that these cumulative updates are far from optimal. also agree on the topic of rollups, which are not considered fully optimized.

In any case, we will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation and any changes (especially current events). the fundamental update it will generate one of the most analyzed ecosystems in recent times and with its own native token called OP.

Final comments

At this point, you can briefly focus your attention on the latest changes to the asset. By creating a two-week chart, we can see how the Optimism Token Value (OP) was around $ 0.68 on July 21, 2022.

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A stock immediately receives an average uptrend, with which List of OPs first above the dollar line, then above $ 1.50 per share. A trust that had allowed the token to also reach a peak of around $ 1.84 on July 30, 2022.

From 30 July to today 2 August 2022, the On average, the trend has been downward, with the token trading around $ 1.47 at the time of writing. In any case, this indicates the extreme volatility of the asset. Never as in these cases, so it is essential to keep up to date and be aware of price changes.

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