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In a very unstable market context, with many cryptocurrencies in difficulty and just as many in Recovery periodone of the green jerseys that from the beginning of July showed satisfactory results for many professionals was Lido. The Lido DAO Rally (LDO) It has also been highlighted in the last few hours with one of the highest rises in the market.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Lido is one of the more innovative protocols and current on the cryptocurrency industry. It was able to inject many features that showed some of the widest and widest ranges of liquid staking in the entire DApp segment (aka decentralized applications).

The locked equivalent had viz has exceeded $ 20 billion (a value that we have rarely been able to highlight in similar projects). In addition to the functionality and concreteness that Lido wants to bring to the sector, what are the variants of the cryptocurrency? Are there any correction options?

Aspects that we will talk about briefly before exposing them that you can always and constantly keep under control the performance of all your tokens of interestusing convenient real-time charts offered by the best online brokers such as eToro.

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Lido DAO Rally (LDO): short and medium term variations

This Rally Lido DAO (LDO) has satisfied many token investors with buying decisions made in the past. Who a few months ago decided to focus on this ecosystem, or rather on its native LDO token, enjoyed one of the highest growth rates of the entire cryptocurrency market (considering the last quarter, albeit certainly).

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To be more specific, we have already had the opportunity to locate one during our previous investigations. Net growth over 40%, compared to the June 20 lows, about $ 0.638 per unit. A recovery which, albeit with ups and downs, continued in the following weeks with average recovery trends.

Last week it has now been scrutinized by expertsI am on average positive. According to the data of the major world exchanges, the token recorded a growth of about 205.44%, of which almost 25/26% in just a span of 24 hours.

With the recorded trip In these first weeks of July 2022, the cryptocurrency has recovered most of the losses and declines recorded in the difficult period of May 2022. In this regard, a curious reflection can be made, which sees on the one hand investors who already had positions in l ‘ assets and on the other new investors.

So the former (i.e. with pre-collapse positions) would at least be in a situation where they would at least break even, if they would not lose or even make a small profit. The latter, on the other hand, would be in a winning position. Who witnessed the awakening was pushed to sell and 10.9 million LDOs would be sold on the market in the last few hours.

Final comments

Despite the recent problem the LDO token it was recently listed on professional brokers and stock exchanges. Waiting for it to eventually be integrated with other brokers, we present one of the most important reference points in the field of online crypto trading, namely eToro (click here to register).

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